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Thread: which crossbow should I buy?

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    which crossbow should I buy?

    Hey Guys,
    looking for some of your opinions.
    I currently have a compound bow, unfortunately there are many reasons why I
    decided I'd like to buy a crossbow but I don't have a big budget.

    I'm looking at two crossbows from dicks links are listed below:

    based on your experiences which one of these should I purchase?
    thank you for your input.

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    Without a doubt. Get the Wicked Ridge it is a good solid bow. An added bonus is that if you ever need them, Ten Point's customer service is beyond belief.

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    Wicked Ridge

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    Just bought a Wicked Ridge Invader from Wyvern
    I would look in to them before buying. You will get more for your money and better customer service.
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    For another $100. you can buy the Barnett headhunter from dicks that shoots 350 fps and has 116 ftp kinetic energy and has hand crank, my wife loves hers and it is fast, she has taken four deer last season at 40-60 yards ,it is the same as the ghost 350. My next xbow will be Barnett after I sell my ten point.

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