Simple change made a huge difference when bare shaft tuning, thanks to Nuts & Bolts.


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    Simple change made a huge difference when bare shaft tuning, thanks to Nuts & Bolts.

    I bare shaft and yoke tuned my bow not long ago and while the bow was shooting good groups I noticed that I had to put a lot of lean in the idler to the left to get these groups.

    So I read up and found a post by "nuts & bolts" about draw length causing POI problems when bare shaft tuning. Mainly, too short of a draw length could cause bare shafts to shoot left, too long DL could causes misses to the right. Since I have an adjustable length release I figured I would experiment some.

    So I adjusted yokes until I had zero lean at full draw.

    First shots, bare shaft hits were far right, around 6-8 inches, compared to fletched.

    Adjusted release as short as it would go, about 7/8" shorter than my usual release. Big change = Big results. Bare shafts were impacting about 3 inches left of fletched.

    I adjusted the release 1/4" longer and shot again. Bare shafts were moving right, but still a little left of fletched.

    I adjusted the release another 1/4" and now bare shafts and fletched were grouping right together.

    I also shot a few groups with a Slick Trick Mag broad head, a fletched and bare shaft, and they all group tightly.

    Keep in mind this was all done in my back yard at a distance of about 15 yards, so I will have to get to the range and see how everything works at at longer distances.

    I was totally surprised that something as simple as shortening my release could make such a large impact. While I didn't change draw length technically, the 3/8" change in my release cured my poor form. Having the longer release was allowing me to pull my elbow back too far. I should take pics with both release to see the difference in form.

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    That is some good information and something I need to verify for myself.

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