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Thread: Front End Weighted bolts

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    Front End Weighted bolts

    What happens if I use a heavy tip on my bolt (field or broadheads)? Does having a heavier tip create a more stable flight? What are the pluses and the negatives about heavier front end bolts?

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    more stable flight yes.. alot more momentum + .... increase on trajectory Negative ...
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    It's generally believed that you get better penetration if your bolts "FOC" (forward of center) is further forward - ie, run a heavier broadhead so that the center of mass of the bolt (which is what is measured in FOC) is further forward.

    The way I think about broadhead weight is by thinking of throwing a hammer at something. Say you want to do a lot of damage when the hammer gets there...

    Do you go heavy or light? Heavy obviously.
    Do you want the weight up front or back? Well, what's going to do more damage, a hammer hitting handle first or head first? Head first (ie, heavy mass first)
    Is the wind going to blow a heavy hammer or a light hammer off course more? Heavy will be affected less.

    The downside: you have to throw a heavier hammer harder (or in this case, the arrow is moving slower so it will drop quicker as it flies).
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