How do you preserve deer hoofs?


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    How do you preserve deer hoofs?

    I want to make preserve deer hoofs to make a hooks out of them to hang a bow on. My friend just said to salt the ends. Does anyone know?

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    All I do is salt the ends and tape them into the position I want for coat rack, etc., until they dry. It seems to do fine.

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    What kind of salt do you use? Regular table salt?

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    Salt isn't the cure

    By just "salting" the ends of the hoof all your doing is drying out the very end of the leg. You still have bone, sinew and tissue inside the hide that can and will rot depending on conditions. Many people do the salt trick and get away with it. However, it does invite pests like dermisted beetles to infest the mount. That isn't so bad, but when the beetles have destroyed the leg, they will look for other mounts in your home to lay their eggs.

    There are do it yourself kits sold through Cabelas/Gander Mountain/etc that can teach you how to prepare one for about $25.00. It does involve removing all the bones, using a preservative(like borax) inserting a form, and sewing up the leg.

    Or better yet, take it to a taxidermist, we appreciate the work!
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