Broadhead Vs target tip saga


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    Broadhead Vs target tip saga

    I been hunting for over (well al ot of years) and I have never been able to have my target and Broadhead tips hit at the same spot. I hear guys say that they do it but for the life of me I can't make it work out.

    I say this year that I was going to make it happen. So I started using Quick spins they shoot nice but they shoot different between target and Broadhead. Yesterday I shot Blazers 2" they shot nice but different between target and broadheads and a vast difference between Quick spins and blazers.

    I don't expect that some one out there has a magic formula to make it happen but it really is fustraighting when you have to compensate for different tips.

    Question: Even while using the same broad head either Quick spin or blazers vanes. My left and right is pretty good but my up and down drifts. I will shoot one time the arrow will go at the top of the 6" circle and the next will go at the bottom at 20 yards. I use a no peep now and use a kisser in the corner of my mouth any Ideas, My left arm isn't steady I guess i have TP but I always have. I guess I'm venting but as an archer i'm always looking for the magic fix.

    Thanks in advance if any one has input "Good Safe Hunting"
    Big Bear

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    make sure your broadheads are on straight that will surely help,and if worst comes to worst then adjust your sights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bees
    five inch feathers and learn the easton tuning guide back and forth upside down and backwards. it can be done..
    I can't add to that comment.

    I would imagine if you play with your rest and nock point your can find a happy medium setting between the points if the shaft are stiff enough. I don't know if the five inch feather are the answer, they wouldn't hurt other than the fact some will not fit on short brace height bows very well. They do drag the arrow down a lot though.
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    Have you considered trying a different broadhead? I know for me, and most of my friends, we try out several and find which one the bow likes the best. Some do fly better than others. For example, stingers fly right w/ my field points, but thunderheads hit low and left......???????
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    I've found using the combination with Blazers and Slick-Tricks to be perfect... Try that combo for yourself ... You might be as amazed as I am...

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    Smile broadhead vs field tips

    After over 40 years of bowhunting I quit trying to get them to hit the same spot. I use a big broadhead and they just won't hit the same. I have some of the best coaches in the world (the Wilde family) to help me tune my equipment but unless you choose a very small broadhead or a mechanical it is almost impossible to get exact point on contact with both broadheads and field points. I quit worrying about it several years ago....I set my sights with my broadheads, practice that way and go hunting(with sharp heads) works for me! In elk camp a few years back there were eight of us, we set out for a practice session and the seven other guys screwed field points on...all claimed there broadheads and fieldpoints hit the same....I bet them all $20 each they wouldn't. The best anyone did was 1 and 1/2 difference with 2315, five inch feathers, old round wheel bow at 65# and 125 grain thunderheads...the worst was 9 inches high right with broadheads, 2216, 4 inch vanes, 86# cam with overdraw and Muzzy 3 blades....I enjoyed the $140 and they enjoyed better shooting. By the way my 2317's, 5 inch feathers, 75# cam bow with 160 grain thunderheads shot about 6 inches high left as compared to fieldpoint but I knew that already, so I had my sight set for broadheads.

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