NAA Board Meeting Results?


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    NAA Board Meeting Results?

    Does anyone know what all decisions were made at the NAA Board Meeting that was scheduled for Colorado Springs last weekend?

    I heard from a very credible source that they approved having the USAT events be 70M only durring the even numbered years and a FITA durring the odd numbered years.

    I forgot to ask this person what other decisions were made. Does anyone else know? A list of what was proposed can be found on


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    BOG decisions?

    I confess that I penned more than my share of the proposals.
    It is unrealistic to expect action from the BOG on proposals that are only a few days old.
    I do hope that the proposals generate dialog among the interested parties so that well thought out decisions can be made.

    Ideally the proposals would first go to committee for their review and evaluation including consideration of how the proposal impacts the committee’s goals and budget.
    Then the executive director and staff would review the committee’s recommendations and make its own recommendations as to how the proposal affects the overall mission of the association.
    Finally the BOG would review the proposals and act knowing that the proposals have had the necessary scrutiny to justify the action.

    I believe that the primary mission of the BOG should be to determine how money is to be raised and allocate budgets for programs and then let the committees and specialists work out the details.

    We all would like to support JOAD, Collegiate, FITA, Copanarco, USAT, Jr USAT, NASP, World Teams, Records, Rules, Tournaments, Media Relations, Coach development, and of the Olympic dream.
    The fact is that there is never enough money to do everything.
    Look at the budget to discover what the BOG and its financial supporters deems important.
    Serious Fun...
    Bob Pian, Judge, Coach, AZJOAD Events
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