Is my deer still good to eat?


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    Is my deer still good to eat?

    I shot a doe yesterday at 545pm and went out this morning to find her and found her about 9:45am and she was blodded up, well i wnet ahead and dressed her and she stunk,, after i got her i hung her up and the body cavity stinks pretty bad. Is she still ok the eat? Thanks

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    1,232 warm was it last night?

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    HELL NO! I wouldn't eat that S.O.B. to save my life. I would've probably left that thing for the yotes to eat. It's great that you recovered it and all, that's real sportman's like of ya, but it's not worth your health eating that.

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    I say eat it.

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    we have left an 8pt my grandpa shot over night when it was 30 degrees out..we gutted it out and was the most horific smell i have ever smelled. but the meat was still good. soo...

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    Slice off a steak, rinse it good, soak it in a bit of salt water for a while to draw the blood out and then sniff it. Chances are it is still good. We often let deer hang a couple of days to age it and tenderize it some. Depending, of course, on how cold it was last night.

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    i got got down to 45deg. I had a good shot, but i never had a deer blodded up over night and smell bad. the yotes already had the tail and some fur ripped of, so when i walked up on her she looked pretty rough.

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    You decide you if you want to eat it or not,,,Your the only one that can smell it............A few years ago I had to leave one overnight with temps around in the 40s....Next morning I found it and dressed it out and man it stunk awful.......Anyway I checked it out at the check station and took it to camp and jerked the hide off,,,Let it hang untill my other buddies got out of the woods and asked them what did they think,,,Well they told me that it should be ok to eat...So I quartered it up and put in a cooler with some ice and made the drive back home....Once I got home I opened the cooler and could still smell the strong smell,,,So I threw the meat out,,,,,,,,,,If your in question dont eat it,,,Its not worth your health......................

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    Yer kidding right?

    i,ve cleaned alot of deer,elk,squirrles,rabbits,duc ks,and fish.Non of them smell like roses.How many deer have you killed and cleaned before?How does this one smell compared to the others?Clean it,cook some of it up and see before it DOES go bad.One thing no one has mentioned here is game waste.It,s against the law.You have killed a deer.Eat it or bury it in your back yard,thats your choice,but under the law you are obligated to recover and remove that kill.Do you think if you went out and killed another one things would turn out differant for you.Would,or will the next one smell any better?Should all hunters start leaving game behind if they don,t like the smell or looks?I,m not saying eat rancid meat.The deer wasn,t left for a period of time that leads me to belive it went "bad".What part smelled bad?The guts?blood?hide?Meat?all of it?You probebly wouldn,t have liked the smell of some of the elk I cleaned this year either.some smells related to cleaning big game I can do without too.But when you kill gotta deal with it one way or another.Look at your laws.Check to see at what piont it,s ok to disguard big game,and how your supposed to do it.I see Alot of game gets left behind every year.My guess is most of it was just fine.

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    I bet its the blood and bowels and guts that you smell.
    If it still smells after you cut it up and wash it then dont eat it.
    I bet it cleans up ok.

    If you pull some burger out of the fridge and it reaks you throw it away.
    I would try the same with your deer.
    Process it then check it out with out all the blood and guts around and see if it still stinks.

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    Chances are that it is ok. I would take it to a butcher or processer and get there opinion to be safe.

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    try this

    Last year my brother had a similar situation where he left a doe overnight, and it was shot a little back. He quartered it up and put it in a cooler with ice and then sprinkled baking soda all over the meat. After a few days it did'nt smell anymore. You could try it, it's not going to hurt.

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    Its mostly the guts that will stink the most. If that was my deer, I would gut and skin it right away, then debone and soak the meat in water for a couple hours (not salt water). If it was a little stinky I would make it into jerky since I dont want to serve that meat to my family as steaks. Then give the jerky to your friends.

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    Milk not water.

    Soak the deboned and cleaned meat in Milk to remove some odor.

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    I say eat it. Just because it bloated a bit doesn't mean the meat is bad. it was only out over night, and in the dark. It's not like the sun was baking on it for a few days or something...

    Think of it this way, if you had found it that night, how long would it hang in your garage before being butchered? A day? two? three? Your garage is probably warmer than the outside temps by a little bit...

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    Don't see why the meat should be bad under those conditions. Did you rinse out the inside of the deer with a hose or something to clean it out before hanging and skinning it? My guess is the smell was from damage to the organs, not from the meat, but only you can decide. After skinning it you can let it hang for a couple of days if the weather is cool. Butcher it and find out if the meat is bad then, I bet it isn't.

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    if you shot through any stomach or intestines then i wouldn't eat it. just waaaayyyyy too much bacteria and stuff sitting there overnight marinating the meat for my taste.

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    It should be fine, after cutting meat for 13 years I learned it is pretty tough to ruin redmeat. I would take it to a processor and let him check it out to ease your mind. My wife shot one at 6:30 sat. night we recovered it at 9:30 the next morning and it is fine. the temp got down to 53 degrees that night. The smell in the body cavanity is for the bloating of the intestines and stomach, if you look at both you can see the gas in the intestines.
    Besides, if it is just a touch tainted, it will just help keep your BM's regular for the next few days. lol

    Really it's fine.

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    It's natural that it is going to stink some. Start to butcher it and then check the meat - if it looks and smells ok then it is fine. We let a buck lay over night when the temp only got down to 45 and it was fine the next day.

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    I wouldnt worry about the smell...

    now quail... they stink!

    you break them open and the smell just wafts up and punches you in the face. they are like a small grenade filled with stink... I am thinking of an invention that will make me billions.... it will be a combination of a car air freshener, and a disposable yardwork/painting mask. that way you no only filter chemicals when working or painting, you can filter stinks from the less desirable jobs :P people will never need to smell anything they dont want to again... heck, the city bus could hand them out to passengers for an extra 50 cents.

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    eat it

    If it got down in the 40s overnight it should be fine. A friend of mine shot one in early October in the late evening and the overnight temperatures were in the high 60s. It too was bloated and stunk, butafter we cleaned it and deboned it and cooled it itwas fine. Peraonally I don't think you will have any problems.

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    There'e nothing wrong with that meat.....I've gutted a few stinky ones in my days....the quarters and straps should be just fine.....I just wouldn't eat the inner loins....those are likely tainted.

    There is nothing like good aged venison.........we let ours age in a cooler for usually 3-4 days before cutting....sometimes longer.

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    There has to be a science based, food safety standard to follow somewhere. In an earlier discussion on this same topic I found a standard from New Zealand (I think) which required the internal temperature of the meat to be below 45 degrees within 24 hours of the kill. Based on that, the safety of the meat depends a great deal on how you handled it after you found it and how long it took you to thoroughly chill it. If you were able to take care of things quickly, it should be fine. We've dealt with overnight kills before in much warmer weather and had no problems.

    I know that bacterial growth flourishes between the temperatures of 41 and 135, and is the most aggressive between 70 and 110. I also know that the quality of the meat is better the faster it is cooled. A lot of the "gamey" taste that people complain about is the result of poor meat handeling/cooling.

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    Talking Dude,this meat taste like ..............

    Bingo! The way the hunter handles the kill in field plays the single biggest role in the end result as far as taste.Face it.Some people just can,t handle game meat no matter how great it is.Add to that poor handleing in field and it goes straight down hill from there.Glands are the # 1 killer of game meat.Nothing will make game taste worse than if you get gland excrement on the meat.Blood is next in my book.The sooner that meat is cooled,bled and on ice the better.I use big coolers,keep the drain open ,the cooler on a slant,and let the ice melt over the meat.I do this,adding more ice untill the water coming out of the drain is close to clear.In this case I agree,if the meat is that much in question,take it to a butcher and have him check it out.I,d at least make jerky with it.Burger meat...just fry the crap out of it.Didn,t mean to come down on you earlier.Game waste is a huge problem.But we don,t want to see you get sick.I,m sure the meat is fine.

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