How to use a Rattle Bag???? Some questions


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    How to use a Rattle Bag???? Some questions

    Hi, I have some questions. I was thinking about getting a rattle bag this year. But I have no clue on how to use one? How long to rattle for, do I use a grunt call, or doe bleats? Any info would help me out with this alot. What techniques have you used in the past that have worked for you? Thanks for any info.

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    I'm no expert, but I've used a rattle bag for a few years with some success... I actually rattled in a small 8 point yesterday. He was a little timid, but also worked up... he came in to about 70 yards out and was getting started rubbing a tree and scraping seemingly out of frustration. He wanted to come closer, but I was rattling pretty agressively so I think he was a little spooked at the same time.
    Anyway, the rattle bag is fairly simple to use. If you've ever heard bucks sparring or fighting you know that there are various degrees of intensity. I usually start out with a few grunts then simulate a light "tickle" by slowly and lightly working the bag between my hands. I will increase the intensity depending on the time of year (NOW), and also the length of the "session". I normally do not rattle any longer than 1 minute or so and most times it's much shorter than that.
    I hunted all day yesterday and probably did about 5-6 rattle sessions.
    There can be a lot more to rattling than what I just mentioned (raking leaves, pounding the ground to simulate the deer, decoys, etc.), but in my experience this has been enough to get at least a little action.
    Depending on your area of the country you can definitely over do it.
    If you live in Texas go Bonkers!

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