Need Golden Eagle bow specs


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    Need Golden Eagle bow specs

    I don't know what year it is....but I need to find the specs on my Golden Eagle bow in order to know how much more I can adjust it. Its a SuperHawk model.

    Its set at 29" DL and 60 lb draw. I'd like to take it to 30" and 65 lb.

    Besides taking it to a shop, can I get this info BEFORE I go there ??

    Cabela's is the closest BIG shop around me....

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    Here are some spec sheets, hit the Bow Specifications links from this page, it may have what you're looking for. Scroll down the sheets to find the GE stuff. Good luck!
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    Golden Eagle owner .If you have the extra pieces to adjust the draw. You can just change up to 30" draw by changing them. They unscrew from the cams and you replace them with the next letter A,B or C. or # 1,2,3.

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    Golden Eagle Formula 3D 1999 model

    If anyone can help. I own The Formula 3D 1999 model. I am looking for the cam elements to change my draw to 29" from 30". if anyone knows how or where I can get them this would be apprisiated.
    Thanks Elvin

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    Erman 1966-I know a shop that used to sell Golden Eagles and he has a ton of different draw modules laying around. If you want, I can ask if he has what you need.

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