Why are arrows hitting left???


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    Question Why are arrows hitting left???

    Hello all,

    I have posted a few times on AT in the past, but I'm still fairly new to this site so to start with I'd like to say Hi! Okay, here is my situation. I put on all of my hunting clothes this past weekend and started shooting. I was shooting great until I put on my face mask. As soon as I did that my arrows started hitting a good 4-6 inches left. It didn't matter if I shot from 10 or 30 yards everything hit left. I have two face masks, one fits tight to my face and the other is really loose. I tried both and the results were the same...my arrows hit left. My question is, what is the face mask doing to make me shoot left?? How can I fix this??? By the way I shoot a release and D-Loop if that helps any. Also, my normal anchor point is with my thumb under my right ear, string touching nose, and kisser button against corner of my mouth. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

    Brian K.

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    Its the face mask!! I shoot a kisser button and if i use a scent lock mask my arrows will hit to the left too!! You cant ancher the same way with that kisser button!! The easy fix is shoot with your mask on and adjust your sites or do what i did. Buy a scent lock mask that you can pull down right before the shot!! I learned this tha hard way and it cost me a nice buck a few years back!!........
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    How thick are the gloves you are wearing? I also had that problem. I put on a thicker pair of gloves and it caused me to torque with my bow hand and it pushed my anchor point out away from my face.

    I tried a pair of thinner gloves and the groups went back to normal.

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    Practice with EVERYTHING you hunt with. Mask, hat, jacket, gloves, EVERYTHING!

    Every one of the things you put on can have an effect. Most bad effects. Also practice from the elevation you plan on being at while hunting with all your gear on. When in the stand draw straight out and bend at the waste to keep your upper half in form.

    Good luck

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    I am dialed in to hit 2" left at 20 yards. When I put on my hood, my point of impact will be dead on. Very small changes in achor (thin fabric of a face mask) can have significan affect on POI.
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    I had the same problem years ago until I started cutting a small hole in the mask for my nose to stick through. Now when I anchor I can place and feel the tip of my nose on the bowstring. This keeps my anchor consistant.

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    Thanks to all for the advice so far. The mask that fits tight to my face I can pull down before drawing back. Looks like that will be my best option right now. I haven't gone out hunting yet and I figured I should practice with evertything on first. Glad I did that.......wouldn't want to take a shot at an animal and make it a bad one. Thanks again. I'll keep practicing until I get it right. Then maybe I can get out for the late season.

    Brian K.

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    It is amazing how the smallest things can effect the way you shoot. Jackets pull your shoulders or cause interferance with your string, masks move your ancor point, gloves change your grip or trigger pull, hats make you position your head differently.

    I had the biggest culture shock this year.. I found out that I need glasses. I can still shoot on a range without them, but put me in low light, morning or evening it is a differance of night and day. Because of glasses I had to totally change the way I shoot, either that or I saw double as I was looking under or between the lenses.
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