Techniques for hunting in windy conditions. .


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    Techniques for hunting in windy conditions. .

    Forcast says 20-25mph winds all day tomorrow. Tonight strong storms with 50+mph winds.
    Anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this one? The fields here have all been picked so no standing corn. If i were to stalk (never had luck with it) how would i approach this.
    Any tips would be great!

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    Use binoculars and quiet clothing, you will be scanning everything and I mean everything thoroughly before taking the next step. Since it will be in the daytime, you don't have to hurry, which is the downfall for most people who try to stalk. The key is to make sure there are no deer visible from your current location before moving. You will be looking for parts of the deer such as antlers of course, small horizontal part of his back, part of his hind end, you get the picture. You'll find him in the thickest stuff around, but that doesn't necessarily mean the largest section of woods. Hopefully you're scouting has revealed where the the deer come from to get to the feeding areas or even areas with large trees rubbed, when you find that you're in the right area. If you're hunting swamps you might find him tucked into a blowdown or at the base of a large cedar tree etc...

    This is the best time to kill the buck a lifetime on your terms. You'll be hunting him in his bedroom, and the high winds will keep him tucked in during the day and he will not expect anything to be coming into that area (hopefully you're hunting property that people haven't trampled willy nilly through potential bedding areas). I am by know means a stalking expert but I've had the chance to be with my cousin on a few stalks here in Northern Michigan and the one thing I discovered is it seemed to take forever to cover a short amount of ground, it definitely requires patience, but as in military engagements, the first one to spot the other usually wins, hence the use of quality optics. You must also be able to shoot the bow at awkward angles, just because of what the cover you use and the position of the deer. You will not be using any calls or scents, just keeping the wind in your face or at the very least a crosswind. If it's raining that's even better as it will quiet the ground even more. Oh, did I mention it won't be easy, but I'm sure you knew that. The good news is it's not impossible, just remember, you're the one that can reason. Good luck tomorrow and hit the woods with confidence.

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