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    2005 Caribou

    Here's a proud Randy Goza of Wasilla, AK with this years Caribou-- I've got to get up there and get me one of those soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnockman
    Here's a proud Randy Goza of Wasilla, AK with this years Caribou-- I've got to get up there and get me one of those soon!
    Great lookin' animal..
    I'm with you....I love whitetails......I'd like to shoot a bear....but them 'bou's are my dream hunt.
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    Very nice Caribou Randy!

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    Whitetail hunting is fun, but I would love to shoot a caribou!!!

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    I have always wanted to hunt them. One of these years Itell myself. Looks like a good one you have!
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    Watching those hunting shows is a little like reading Playboy. Those big racks are out there but they're few and far between, easier to spot than to get one of your own, and if you do get one, it usually costs quite a bit to mount it.

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    I agree with the others, I have ALWAYS wanted to head North for some 'Bou hunting! Congrats to your friend on his trophy bull and thanks for sharing and helping to get some dreams alive!

    They just look like all that is wild and IMO, a great symbol of the majestic North country!

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