amf wing archery?


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    Question amf wing archery?

    i just got a bow from my girlfriends gradmother and i need some help figuring out what exactly i have. on one side it says AMF wing archery and on the other it says Frank Ketchum Compound. i know its not a hunting bow b/c its all white. and since i want a bow to start hunting with is this bow even worth trying to sell? if so how much should i expect to get for it?

    Thanks Jacob

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    Does it look like the one on the left in this photo?

    If so it was made in or around 1976


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    They were awsome bows when they first came out, the first bow to really have beautiful lines to it IMHO. Unfortunately for you the bow really isn't worth anything...

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    You have a true antique compound bow. Unfortunately, the laminated limbs on those old bows tend to delaminate when they're pressed into action. I'd retire the old Wing and hang it on a wall. I'd take a ton of pictures of it, since it does have historical significance. You may find somone interested in your bow who's trying to fill out a collection, but you should be aware that these old bows don't command prices that are worth bothering with. You could also shoot it until it breaks, but that almost seems to be insulting history. I'd probably hang it up. Might be worth something down the road.

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    Bob Lee's Wing Archery was a premier recurve bow company. Unfortunately, when they tried to enter the compound wars, they just couldn't make it. They soon gave up, beaten out by the competition which was quite intense in those early days. The Wing recurves were the cream of the crop in the late 60s and early 70s. I still have my original Wing Presentation II and look in on it occasionally. Do not try to shoot that bow - it might well come unglued as it has laminated wood limbs which do tend to delaminate over time. If they have never been overheated, they might be OK, but who knows where that bow has been over all those years?

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    My first compound was a Wing Presentation - 4 wheelere model- never stayed in tune, all white

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