International Bowhunter Education Program


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    International Bowhunter Education Program

    I am wanting to get a bowhunting license for NY and it requires an IBE Course. What is it? And where can I take it in PA?

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    This should help..

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    Never heard of an IBE course. Anyone know? I teach the NBEF Course....Larv

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    After re-reading the first post I understand the question. The IBE course is the same as the NBEF course. DUH! Larv

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    You can go on the PA Game Commissions website and look under Bowhunter education courses. The Bowhunter Ed course offered through the Game Commission is accepted by all other states. It is based off of the NBEF's course. It is $18 for the course offered at different time throughout the year and throughout the state. Here is a link to the page on the game commission's website:

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