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Thread: Fox & Deer ?

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    Jan 2003
    south Jersey

    Fox & Deer ?

    How many have seen a fox interact with deer in a positive way, meaning the deer was not scared of the fox.
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    Pen Argyl PA
    In my opinion no...I think old bucks will follow a foxes trail knowing it is a safe one...I've seen them do it..

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    Mar 2004
    I shot a grey fox feeding under a apple tree with a buck also feeding side by side with him. The fox now makes a nice full body mount in my bedroom.

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    Dec 2004
    middle TN
    I've never seen deer and fox together but I did see 3 does and 2 coyotes feeding under the same persimmon tree one afternoon.The deer stayed on one side of the tree and the yotes on the other,about 15 yds apart.The deer kept a pretty good eye on them but it was pretty obvious that the deer knew that the yotes were only interested in the fruit.I've seen deer and yotes in the same field together many times and the deer never seem alarmed much by them.I think a healthy deer is not on the fox or yote menu very often,at least here in TN.Out west it may be a totally different ballgame

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    Nov 2004
    Cypress, Texas

    Fox Cost me a Huge Buck

    Several years ago while hunting on a Texas ranch, a fox spooked a large 10 point that was on a trail coming near my stand. It took some time to get over that one. I can still see the scene unfold in my mind to this day and it's been over 10 years ago.

    The buck high tailed it out of there and the fox continued on it's line of travel without paying much attention to the deer. Now the buck could have spooked at the sound of the fox running but you would think that once it realized it was a fox it would not have continued to run off.

    I would hate to think that my luck was so bad that the only buck afraid of foxes was the one I almost had in my shooting distance.

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    Jul 2003
    Southern Indiana
    15 or so years ago I used fox urine on my boots.

    I had this guy trail me to my stand..

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    Oct 2004
    Fort Gibson OK
    I've only seen two foxes while hunting. Both times was during turkey season and foxes came to my calling.

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    A few years ago while on my stand I had a Red Fox and a fawn playing tag with each other for 15 minute or so under me while mom (the doe) watched. So no I don't think they view them as a threat except when they are dropping fawns in the spring.

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    Oct 2005
    Patrick co. Virginia
    the only fox my husband ever saw hunting he killed, so we don't know. We don't like foxes, they kill the baby rabbits

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    May 2005
    Upstate NY
    I've seen deer feeding calmly as foxes (both gray and red, different times) worked a stone wall within 20-30 yards of them, upwind. The deer have never seemed all that interested in what the foxes were up to (but I was - its fascinating to watch foxes hunt.)

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    May 2004
    I SAW A RED FOX WALK IN a patch of woods and as soon he walk in two doe bolted out. 10 min later they walk back in where the fox walk into the woods. so i dont know

    i know for sure a foxes nose is better then a deer. i had a doe walk right under my stand and walk away with out any thing and few hours later a fox came crossed my path and took off like i shot him. i had rubber boots, scent block on and everything else. when i saw the does i thought i was doing good until the fox came and that after about 5 hours into the woods. soon he hit the path i came he was gone
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    Aug 2005
    Allegany County NY
    I've seen a fox startle deer and cause them to bolt, but I've also seen deer pay no attention whatsoever to a fox working past them. I think that if the deer aren't skittish and the fox doesn't surprise them, they coexist pretty well. I agree, during the season for dropping fawns things probably change.

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    Oct 2005
    A friend of mine and I both saw a doe laying on the ground with a fox laying maybe two feet away. They seemed fine in one another's presence. Now we, on the other hand, were a different story. When the fox spotted us they got up and ran two different directions. It's the only time I've seen this, but I'll never forget it.

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    This year

    on two seperate occasions I watched as a fox ran all over doing what foxes do as multiple deer were bedded down less than 7 yards from the fox.

    I've never really seen a fox and deer together or nearby until this year, but they didn't seem to care one bit.

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