Diamond Modules??


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    Diamond Modules??

    Could someone please explain to me all the different modules for Diamond bows? I have an '03 Diamond Widowmaker that had an ST2 on it, I measured the length of the arrow from the nock to the point where it made contact with the bow and it was 31", I then installed the ST3 on measured again and it went to 30", so I figure each step up in modules is about an inch in draw lenght, but what is with the STE, STC, STH, ST codes on the modules??? If there is a table somewhere I would love to see it.



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    STH is the "high letoff" module. The STE is the smooth module. The STE makes the draw feel similiar to a wheel bow. The numbers on the modules correspond the the same length.

    The Widowmaker chart is:
    STH 1 = 31"
    STH 2 = 30"
    STH 3 = 29"
    STH 4 = 28"
    STH 5 = 27"

    Remember that AMO draw length is deepest part of the grip to the nock while at full draw, plus 1.75 inches.

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    My modules just says "ST" on them, but they are pretty hard when they break over, so I assume they are the STH version??
    I love this bow, just trying to find out more info about it.

    Thanks for the module numbering chart, that is good information.


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    Hi all I have a Diamond Widowmaker 3 bow which I havn't shot yet, it's my first bow and I bought it off ebay without really knowing what I was doing :-) I recently had my draw length measured and it 27 inches trouble is my bow is a 29 inch draw length does anyone know where I can get a diamond STH5 cam module? I tried various web searches but so far have drawn a blank.

    Thank's Robert.

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    Does anyone know where I could find an STH 3??

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