2nd rut or no?


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Thread: 2nd rut or no?

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    2nd rut or no?

    I believe there is a second rut. At the end of november the scrapes are stopped being tended and then in late december they reappear in the snow and Now I have shot two late season 8's chasing does. It may be the same rut but i believe it picks back up again late indecember. I am in WI.

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    Am not totally sure. The term "second rut" would indicate deer entering another estrus cycle. I have used the term before, but think I have used it wrongly.

    I wonder if maybe the rut is just prolonged by the fact that not all does enter their initial estrus cycle at once? We have managed our property with QDM in mind for 6 years; our ratios are not totally out of balance as they were before. I find it hard to believe that we have does coming in heat and no bucks finding them? It seems to me from personal observations on our farm that the fawns do not come into heat at the same time. For instance, 2004 rifle season, I saw fawns in heat, being chased by bucks. Now in PA on opening day, no buck in its normal mind will walk around trailing a doe while the orange army is blazing away. But we saw several instances of that very behavior! In 2005, we had a doe in heat on the Sunday between the two weeks of rifle season. So I am wondering if maybe in the past week some fawns were in heat here? And that would not be their "second" cycle, but their initial cycle. Maybe a "second window" of opportunity for hunters, but not necessarily does going thru a second estrus cycle.

    I would love to hear others observations. I really don't have the answer, but I am past the stage of blindly accepting some scientists lab research.

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    I believe the rut is the rut. Any doe if not bread will recyle again but it is all considered the rut. At least that is what I have read from books on the subject.

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