Help with minimum draw weight requirement for archery hunting Antelope, Deer & Turkey


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    Question Help with minimum draw weight requirement for archery hunting Antelope, Deer & Turkey

    Hello all: May I ask for some insight and help of my fellow archers?

    I am considering making a proposition for a change to my states archery Antelope, deer Turkey, hunting regulations concerning minimum draw weight. As presently our regulations require a minimum draw weight of 40 lbs & a minimum total arrow weight of 275 grains including the broadhead and a minimum arrow length of 26”.
    These rules have not changed for many years and I am of the opinion that a change may be in order, with a goal of encouraging a larger portion of our young and female, population to participate in the great sport and tradition of archery hunting.
    Additionally the reason I believe that a lighter draw weight should be allowed is the advancement in compound bows has increased the ke potential of a 30 lb compound bow to exceed say 40 lb self bow to a huge degree.
    My thought would to initially add a stipulation to allow an alternative minimum kenetic energy output of the archers setup. I am not of an opinion that it would be desirable to alter minimum arrow lengths or weight.
    At present I have no time line in mind for this proposition. What I am hoping to acquire from my fellow members here would be supporting data such as ke output of 40 lb self bows. And I was hoping for draw weights of compound bows with similar ke output of the 40 lb self bow.

    Additionally I would be happy to receive any data from folks in other states who have implemented similar changes. I am curious as to what positive or negative impacts one might have been experienced with such a change in other states.
    I thank one and all for the constructive input I am sure you will provide.

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    Interesting ..but, I would think you have your job cut out for you.. as different bows ,makes and models that is , will produce a different amount kinetic energy output even at same draw and weight ..In other words, some are more efficient then others.. Next , it would be harder for a game warden to check and see if a questionable bow is legal ..You can pull a bow on on a scale and see the amount of wieght it is set at, fairly easy . But, how would you check KE .. Now, you could also, raise alarm to animal rights groups ..Can small game be hunted with less then 40 lbs of weight in your state ? You can in my state .. If not you may try to lower it for small game ..

    I am just pointing out a few things ..not trying to argue ..However,I am not sure I would try it..
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    Whew, tough one.
    I think you'll find most archers feel 40 is minimum.
    40's not that hard to pull back- IF you're sized right- probably the thinking is if you're big enough to pull 40, you're old enough to know right from wrong, shadows from movement etc.
    Granted thats no guarantee that the shooter has enough brains, but its a start.

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    While I have no doubt a lot of modern day 30# bows will kill deer. I feel 40# should be the minimum.

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    I am suprised

    The small pool of opinions I am receiving here so far seem to indicate that if a mature young lady who might only be able to comfortably pull 30 - 35 lbs has no business hunting antelope or turkeys or white tail deer with a bow.
    Would we honestly want to encourage an individual to walk away from the sport of archery hunting simply because they are only comfortable shooting 30 or 35 lbs of draw weight which may produce 25 - 30 lbs of KE? Or worse yet shoot a draw weight which they may be uncomfortable with! I suppose the planes Indians had no business putting meat on the table either.
    Yet we may gladly encourage a young man to go a field with a 40lb long bow which may produce the same KE or less to pursue the same game. I honestly think this 40lb minimum may be a little to simplistic here.
    Don’t get me wrong; as am quite comfortable pulling 70 lbs and I most defiantly prefer to hunt with this higher draw weight. Yet I would not want to insist one must shoot a draw weight, which they are uncomfortable with or walk away from the sport. (Just because a given set of circumstances works well for me) I am truly confident that a properly placed 4 blade Magnus Stinger traveling at 170fps would penetrate a 350 lb mule deer through and through resulting in a short blood trail.
    I am sure of the above statement regardless of which bow may have launched the arrow (40 lb long bow or a 35 lb compound)
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