4 Wheeler Trails In Ohio


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    4 Wheeler Trails In Ohio

    Since archery season is nearing its end here in Ohio.....preparation for next year begins.....I was just wondering if anyone in ohio knows of any good places to take the four wheeler and just ride trails....(se ohio i assume)

    The significant other states she wants to go riding and was just curious if anyone knew any good places in ohio or maybe michigan.??

    Thought this would be a good place to ask around since there are so many members....


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    Southern Ohio
    Happy Hollow:

    Just North East of "Sinking Springs" on US41. In Highland county.

    If you are interested let me know and I can get you a phone number.

    great Trail riding. Privately owned and not expensive. The State trails blow compared to Happy Hallow.

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    My brother and a bunch of guys he works with ride down at Wayne National Forest. The only problem there is they are closed from mid Dec to mid April. Here is a link :


    Also, there is a thing called Rumble on the Ridge, it takes place about 4 times a year, first one is in April. Its in Adena which is in Jefferson county. From what I hear, it gets hundreds if not thousands of riders at times. Here is the link for it:


    There are also a couple of smaller places, Bear Creek near Canton, Wellsville has one, there are a few others I can't think of right off hand.
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    One more vote for Happy Hollow! Go to southernohioscoring.com they have a link for Happy Hollow w/ contact info. Its an awesome place to put around or they have some of the most straight up hills I've ever seen, something for everyone there. Where are you located in Ohio?
    Rushville, Ohio

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    im in auglaize county....thanks for all the replies too btw..

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