Ash and Osage Staves


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    Ash and Osage Staves

    Hi all. Just have a question about staves. I have lots of white ash in my woods. Also have lots of osage orange trees. Anyway, I was poking around on the net looking for info on osage staves to see if I could get any use out of these trees. (I shoot compound only, not traditional).

    During my search I found this on ebay:

    WOW. If this is the same species of ash I have I am sitting on a gold mine! Seriously, is ash good for bowmaking? I have several 8-18" ash trees and I may just cut one or two down if the staves are really worth something - and before the emerald ash borer works it's way down here from Michigan and northern Indiana. Ash is pretty easy to split compared to osage, and heck, in the listing above the guy didn't even remove the bark.

    If I were to do this, what diameter log would you all suggest I start with? Is now an ok time of year to cut?

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    Ash is good Osage better

    Ash makes a beautiful bow, Osage does too. I believe heavier weights are more doable in a Osage selfbow.

    I am surprised that ebay item went for so much. I bought a yew stave 72" long for $50 off ebay. Ash I can get at the lumber yard, osage and yew I can't


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    Well you can make flatbows from small diameter ash trees by using the split side as back. So that can be an ash tree 3" diam. If you want to use the back of the tree for the back of the bow go for something like 7" diam so there will be less crown.

    What kind of ash is it? White ash is the best one, green and red ash are good too I think.
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