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Thread: Bowtech help please

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    Bowtech help please

    Bought a VFT Extreme 29" draw and 60lb. limbs. When I bought it, didn't look at the limb specs, as dealer said he would set weight at 65 and I could move to 70 later. Of course, when I got home, noticed the 60 lb limb sticker, so called dealer back and he said could be turned to 70. Emailed bowtech and they said unlikely could go to 70 but could probably get 65 out of it.

    Oh, and my dealer forgot to give me the birth certificate and warranty card - it's in the mail. He said the certificate showed peak at 70.1lbs.

    What's the deal here? Any personal experience or thoughts on whether the bow can be tuned to 70? Also, my limb sticker doesn't have a serial number on it, so where is it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, as I feel I've been had.

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    first of all geat choice, i have the exact bow that you wanted...
    This is a great bow!!! On my limb sticker it shows 70 and it does peak at like 70.2 or something close to that. I am not sure if mine has the serial # on it or not, but it probably does it is a printed sticker showing where i bought it and all, i think that bow tech prints these stickers out before the bow is packaged and shipped to the dealer..........i think that you might of got ripped, not by Bowtech but your dealer......All that i can say is good luck...

    Oh Yea i got my birth certificate with my bow but no ownwers manual, but bowtech said they are not available yet that they will be mailing them.GOOD LUCK

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    Your Birth Certificate should have a serial number that matches the one on the riser. They may have accidentally put the wrong sticker on it. It will have max weight, and IBO speed on the certificate. You can easily crank it up all the way and put it on the scale. Whats the big deal? How far away is the dealer?

    I got a certificate and owners manual with my VFT. I told the shop owner to leave the box sealed until I got there for this very reason. Inside was the certificate, warranty card, and owners manual.

    If its not the right bow you ordered, dealer should give you the right one at no charge. It was obviously his mistake. IT could easily be a wrong label though.


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    The owner's manuals are ready now. Your dealer should have them or get one for you. My dealer said they were gonna send one as soon as they got them. Just so happened I was near there the other week. I stopped in to see if they had them yet and they said...Here ya go!

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    All was straightened out last night. Birth certificate didn't match serial number when I got home, so I called the dealer. He said he must have picked up the wrong one, as he had a bunch laying around - so he took my serial number and called lated to confirm this bow had a peak weight of 60.6.

    Of course, he said that was wrong since they pulled it at nearly 70, but offered to change out the limbs or get me a new one if I wanted, so I'll get a new one.

    I really don't know what to think about the dealer. He did stand up and do the right thing, but I doubt the bow every pulled close to 70.

    Thanks for listening guys.

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