Archery Shops in Jackson, Mississippi


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    Archery Shops in Jackson, Mississippi

    I'm moving to the Jackson, MS, area and wanted to see if anyone could recommend an archery pro shop (other than Bass Pro). I'd like to have one that has a several bow manufacturers to choose from, a decent supply of accessories, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks.

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    Hello, I live in Brandon just a few minutes from Jackson. You have several shops to choose from. The only "archery only" shop is Bill's archery in Pearl, about 2 minutes from Bass Pro. There are several opinions about Bill's but noone can deny that he and his staff know their stuff. He has 2 ranges indoor and an outdoor range that has an elevated shooting platform to simulate shooting from a stand. He carries Mathews, Bowtech, Martin, and some used bows. There's Van's sporting good's and deer processing in Brandon, they have a nice archery section and some experienced techs as well, including Kenneth Lancaster, formerly of Primos hunting videos. They carry mostly Hoyt bows and some PSE. A few others: Mean Mallard in Ridgeland (Hoyt), indoor range, The Outfitter, in Richland/Florence (AR, PSE, some Hoyt), and as you mentioned Bass Pro. You can e-mail or give me a cal and I'll give you my opinion on all of these shops. I hope this helps a little.


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