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Thread: ? HS Scent Wafers

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    ? HS Scent Wafers

    I was wondering if anyone uses the Buck Rut wafers and the Doe Estrus wafers. To me they smell alot different than urine and was wondering if anyone has had positive or negative effects using them.

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    I tried them when they 1st came on the market. I didn't have any luck with them at all.
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    I do not like the scent wafers at all. None of their wafers that I have ever smelled have had a natural smell to me. Especially the pine ones. I think if a deer smelled that, it'd send it running. Then again, I really dont like to many products from Hunter Specialties. Most of them are old, outdated, and behind on the current technologies.

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    I tried the does estrus wafers last season and while I didn't keep any actual records, I'd swear I saw LESS deer when I had them out.
    From a stand that I set in a risky spot inside the bedding area, I had an unseen deer blow at me and stamp for 15 minutes. She/it was directly downwind of me. I put the wafer away and she stopped blowing.
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    I've used the white oak acorn wafers for several years and have seen a lot of deer with them. One deer I shot this year was obviously sniffing something out as it moved in. I bought the estrous ones but to me they smell like mothballs so I never used them.

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    I have not used the doe in heat scent wafers and probably never will. But I have used the earth scent wafers for years in my zip-loc bags were I keep all of my gear. I also put a wafer on my hat once I've reached my stand. I stand by the earth scent wafers.
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    i did everything the same this year as i do every year, with the exception of using the pine scent wafers. I swear It spooked the deer. However on a archery elk hunt the other tow hunters pined on the cow estrus wafer and saw more bulls than we did. Ill use my pine wafers in the vehicle instead to buying car freshners.
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    If a deer can smell a waffer that is pinned on your hat, you can bet he can smell you also.

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    I use the fresh earth wafers and they work well. I think they really smell like dirt. Since I've started using them I haven't noticed getting busted by a deer from smell.

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    i like the earth wafers also, but think that the others are useless!

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    I've used the earth scent wafers in the past as well and they seemed to work very well. I used to keep my clothes in a large bag with one of the wafers so the scent would really penetrate them. They also seemed to bother my allergies as well so I stopped using them.

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    I have used buckrut wafers with no different success.And I tried the earth scent but didnt like it.Yeah,It smelled like dirt but the scent was way too strong smelling and have never used them again.I'd rather keep my clothes as scent free as possible, use scent away spray, and wash in a good scent free soap, and play the wind right.I know its impossible to get 100% scent free, but I would rather smell like nothing at all than smell like pine or earth scent.I've seen guys wearing the pine wafers who weren't even hunting around pine trees.I think if the deer in that area aren't used to smelling pine or earth scent it will spook them.

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    I think that I like the white acorn ones more than the deer! I may use them as a car freshener! Bahahahahaha!
    Seriously tho - I wont be using any cover scent anymore, going scent free if possible!

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    The Earth scent is very effective, at least it seems that way to me. I tried the doe estrous wafers last year, and it is the first HS product that I have tried which I was not impressed with(tho the True Talker I tried you had to keep bone dry to work right). I have not seen the White Oak Acorn jobbies....where can I get 'em?
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    I use the Earth scent wafers all the time. They are in all my storage containers and scent bags. I used the white oak wafer once when I hunted out of a big old oak that was dropping acorns. The tree was on the edge of a field. I had a doe come out into the field about 100 yards down wind. She walked about 10 yards into the field and stopped, put her nose in the air and walked right too me. She ate acorns for an hour right under me. Most of the time I couldn't have shot her if I wanted because she was right under my stand. To this day I don't know if she smelled the acorn wafer or the actual wafers, but I didn't get picked out, even coming from down wind.
    I don't have any expierience with the rut and urine wafers. I would rather use real urine I guess. I think if you are in an area that has pines, the pine wafers would be good. I once read, you don't want to use a cover up that doesn't go with the territory. If there are no pines for miles, don't use pine cover up. Big bucks are not stupid and will know something is out of place.
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