Why do I aim at the middle?


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    Why do I aim at the middle?

    I just purchased a new bag target with 5 spots on it. For some reason I always seem to shoot at the middle target. Also when shooting the indoor 5 spot leagues, I seem to shoot the middle spot the best. Why is that? Anyone else like this?

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    It's all about confidence and focus. You have to get it through your mind that even though you can actually see "off" the target, the spot you are aiming at is the same size and you are in no danger of missing the target.

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    I disagree, if you don't change your stance you will not shoot the left or right target as well. If you are line up on the center target you have to twist a little to line up on the left or right and you have to make a change in elevation as well. You should actually change your stance slightly for each target.

    I score better when I shoot all five arrow at the center target.
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    thanks for the post,I seen to have the same problem,,although untill I set up in my yard I'd go to my local pro shop and spend $10 per hour,I was gittin my hours worth,,,,,,but now that the wife bought me a target I'll shoot a couple times a week,just not as long,maybe 2 doz shot,,I'm shooting much better and not tiring out,,I can now hit the 5 when I want to,,,good luck

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    What you are experiencing is a form of anxiety, just like walking close to the edge of a cliff. You are afraid of the perceived consequence of missing the target. The first thing you should do is get comfortable shooting at targets other than the center spot. When you practice, start by shooting a round (say 5 arrows) at the top left target, then the next round should be the top right, etc... Just keep rotating around the outside target faces, not worrying about the center target face. After you get comfortable and confident, then start shooting one arrow per target face. It is best to develop a pattern that works for you. Personally, I start at the top left and work my way down. Other people start at the bottom and work up.

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    i like everybodys answers but the truth is that your eyes and brain want to center things wether it is the target, tv, crosshairs, or even the screen you are looking at right now

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    Lack of focus. You should only see one thing and that's the X you are shooting at. No regard should be given to "what if I miss the bag". Focus only on the X you are shooting at and do not notice anything around it...then, all the X's become the same.

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