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    Quote Originally Posted by Soumi View Post
    Damn earth worshipping extremists hypocrits! Worship the creator, not the creation. Idiots. I singed the petition.
    No offense, but that's just ignorant. Worshipping the earth is what we do every time we step into the woods. We just don't throw paint on a good fur and ruin what use the animal went to.

    I htink PETA better think twice before it tries to go near hunting rights. It's proven, hunting helps. Idiots don't.
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    As a preacher i am constantly learning and as it has been said in the Bible, we are created in Gods image and likeness to take the earth and all that is in it as our own and basicly what we do with it is our right.
    If there is iron in the earth we can mine it, if there is a deer and we need food we can kill it.
    Dont get me wrong not doing something that is hard or takes too money to do to keep this ,our home, clean and usefull is plain and simple greed.
    Now I had fella who said it was so bad that they took some radio active material and dumped it into a large trench but then I got educated as that there are complete plains/fields over in Africa that are madeup of radioactive "dirt" does no harm but is useless to us a food or home land.
    Now this is how bogus some "radiation" theorist are. Inthat area its pure, radioactive dirt as far asyou can see AND when the rains come the water focuses the nuclear activity and will actually heat up the water helping it dry up faster.
    Now here is a kicker. Way back when they had hearings on how bad nuclear power/research was one of the big guns sat at his desk quietly drinking ice water and it was cooling water from a nuclear reactor. Thats how safe the power is. But it makes power too cleanly and cheaply.
    There are lots of things that nothing is wrong with but we have been fed horror stories (guns kill) bull hockey people kill.
    I want a gunthat jumps up and kills people Ill mail one to all the terrorists.
    The hipocracy around is astounding.
    My brother worked on a nuke sub and I get a lot of answeres from him too.
    I could never get a straight answer from any PETA member where the ythink all these animals are made for.
    I need to start the PET-P People for The Ethical Treatment of Plants, stop eating plants, smoking ciggarettes ,making corn oil or soy oil or bean sprouts.
    Uhm oh wait if we dont eat plants or animals what are we gonna eat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,Hmmmm rocks? uhm PET-R nahhh

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    Those pictures are very disturbing. I had to navigate away from that page. Can someone please explain their reasoning for killing pets?

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    PETA in the news here in VA for stealing a hunting dog

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    guess i'll share this. This is the reason i carry a pistol every time i go hunting. Last year the begining of the 06 sept, 10 archery season ANTI's members where blocking the entrance to the local WMA i hunt. Well after 10 min of telling them to get out of my way politly it then resorted to choice words and then me going into 4wd and just forging a trail around them. Well one of my friends that hunts the same area that i do pulls up and parks next to me we shoot the bull for a couple few min then head out seperate ways. Well around 20.30 that night i get a call to come look at my truck from my friend, and when i got there my windows were busted out 3 tires aired out and scratches and dents all up and down, and the same to his truck. Oh buddy i lost it then called the cops and got a report and pressed charges. So now if i ever see one of those ANTI's again its gonna be heII.

    its time to stand up and stop PETA. and we need all the help we can, because apparently they are willing to do whatever.

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    I'm thankful i live in a strong hunting heritage state like Pa., but these freaks are everywhere. God gave us this earth to use it and have domain over it. I guess PETA doesn't read the Bible much!! I've never had a standoff with these freaks, but i really don't know what would happen if i did! We have a hunter's rights law in Pa. that holds idiots like them accountable if they interfere with hunting in Pa. Our Legislators saw them coming and drafted a hunter's bill of rights to protect us. But... do they follow laws??? Jeff aka member of PETA... people eating tasty animals. Man, those backstraps are GOOD!!!!

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    I'm from Oklahoma, but I lived in Norfolk and Washington state when I was in the Navy. Of course they were everywhere in Virginia, but my first hunting exposure was in Washington. Being from OK, i wouldn't think twice about parking on the side of a road in public hunting areas. Then a park ranger pulled up, we were talking and he was telling me where he had seen bears the past few days and asked where I was from because of my accent. He then told me to go up the road about a mile where there are no hiking trails because the hikers and berry pickers (literally) are 90% anti-hunters and have vandalized hunters vehicles in the past. Of course I thanked him and did as he advised, but it blew my mind that these people would try and promote ethics while their supporters run around like savages with no apparent moral background. I saw in the news where they blocked a McDonald's drive through with a severed cow head from a butcher shop. What kind of individual would have the audacity to expose a family with children to an episode like this, it just doesn't make any sense. I get so angry inside when I hear their ads, but it's so ignorant I can't even intelligently comment. I think that might be their plan though, get their message out with complete shock and disappear before witnesses can unfurrow their brow.

    Sorry for the long post, but at least I know people here share beliefs.

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    Smile info

    Let me explain ( P= peaple E= eating T= teasty A= animals) PETA . If there so smart, why can't they come up why a different name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirs View Post
    People always seem to think peta just gets on hunters nerves look what they actually do for animals... I think every hunter should take a quick look at this. This should be a sticky on every hunting site.

    that pisses me off that they can kill peoples pets and not eat em. but its worng to kill animals that we want to eat. what the @#$%.!!!!

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    Im up for teaming up with and volunteering my time into making sure people are aware of what peta really stands for... anyone in kansas wanna start making some posters ?

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    Thus far I love Penn and Teller's take on it the best.

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    For just boils down to the almighty dollar...anything to scam money...they will chase a dollar before they think about saving any animal.

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    Peta whackos

    I for one have always been anti-peta , and never subscribed to their B.S. But when i saw the hipocracy in this site it stuck in my Kester, like a fat turd PETA stinks and should be exposed for what they really are. Count me in LOCK'N'LOAD!!!! Muzzyloader01 and don;'t forget the words of the late great Charleton Heston "from my cold dead hands"

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    I seriously want to sign the petition but can I make a suggestion...can someone find out who set-up this petition for sure?!?!?

    My concern here is this, I have seen blogs and websites set-up by the very orgs that you think you are trying to take down!!

    I want ALL of the people involved with PETA to be treated as they have treated all hunters, medical centers, restaurants and the very animals they are supposedly protecting!!!

    But I also want to make sure that all of us on AT, to be safe in sending all of our info to this website for the petition!! That's a lot of info to be sending to a site that I don't know anything about!!

    What do you guys think? I want PETA GONE!!! But I want AT members safe as well!!

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    PETA is as worthless as the ACLU. Load the idiots onto a ship and drop off on the beaches of United Arab of Emirates or Yemen.
    "Speed is only Velocity without Direction."
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    Romans 12:1-21, Matthew 5:1-20

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    Why not in Saudi Arabia?

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    Thumbs down

    I wanted to say "UNBELIEVABLE", but, sadly enough, it is believable in this day and age, and in this country.

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    Awesome! I just forwarded this to my vegetarian PETA supporting co-worker. I have gotten no comment. Undoubtedly, she just deleted it.

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    peta sucks and for them doing that to pets and giveing me a hunter and fishermsn a bad name all peta can go to hel

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    If I remember correctly from my criminal justice classes in college, the largest terrorist organization is not Al-Quida or the Taliban but PETA and similar groups. They are fanatical groups who care more about attention than they do animals or the environment. From my life experiance the people who care most about the environment are the farmers and the hunters, people who are out there trying to make it a better place to pass on to their childeren & grandchilderen. This is why my childeren are not allowed to watch Bambi & similar movies; this is the worst type of propaganda, aimed at manipulating & brain washing our childeren who will grow up thinking it is the truth unless they are taught differently. The vast majority of hunters are not bloodthirsy barbarians but active conservationists.

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    You are so right Sirs..!

    How ya been ?

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    Wow the PETA "Death Van" gets to roll on...there is no justice.

    To state the blindingly obvious

    <snip from day 3 opening statement>
    "PETA kills animals because "there's an enormous animal overpopulation problem.""

    When that is applied to kangaroos the Greenies get all up set. Hypocrites !!!

    Remember a Vote for Greens is a vote for the worst bush fires in Australia's history.

    Lest we forget!!!!

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    I am apart of PETA (People Eatting Tasty Animals) and I approve of hunting by any legal means.

    In all seriousness that is a great post, funny it has not shown up in the world wide media as much as how they are so against hunting. Thanks for the post.

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    GA shaddow cat...I cant believe your story. I'm fortunate I havent ran into any of those SOB's in Texas. We really need to keep a watchfull eye on those crazy peta idiots. I deffinatly signed the potition and fwd it to everyone I know.....

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    Number 1 terrorist on FBI most wanted list is a Animal Rights activist
    PSE X-Force, G5 sight , QAD drop away , G-5 peep sight , Bohning 6 arrow quiver,
    Flatliner stab

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