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    Thumbs up mathews warranty

    set up an xt for a customer,he came back the next day with it all blown up.he claimed he dont know what happened(yeah right)from the looks of the cam he shot the bow an it hit a metal bow holder or a metal railing,big gash in cam string cut in the same place ouch.called mathews monday talked to bob jenkins,sent it in tuesday got it back limbs new cam new axles and spacers bow set to perfect specs and even paper tested according to the sheet sent back with the about service and this on a bow that clearly was missused by the owner
    way to go mathews

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    That's great service!

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    Fabulous Service

    Mathews is TOP OF THE LINE!!! No company is better.

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    its true! there cust. service rocks
    jammin' and solocammin!!!

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    Yws,the Mathews Service second to none.

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    Mathews service was excellent when I was my SB and Apex. This year iIam Pearson and had a string break on my G2 which led to quite a mess. Needless to say we sent it in on Thursday and recived it back on the next Thursday completely rebuilt. Everything new except the riser! Excellent service!

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    I really think all bow companies have good service

    You just have to get past that first hurdle...The Dealer...If you have a proactive dealer representing you, Im a firm believer that any company will take care of you...


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    Mathews took care of me when I had a problem with my MQ1, no complaints here. Very happy with there service.

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