Leaf River Game Camera/Game cameras in General?


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    Leaf River Game Camera/Game cameras in General?

    Any one have any experience with the Leaf River 35mm game camera?
    Thinking of buying one, but want to know if it does a "ok" job?
    I am trying to be "cheap" and just buy a 35mm camera and not digital....And I know.....In the long run the film costs might end up costing me more than just buying a digital!?
    On that note........If a guy wanted to buy a "decent" digital that worked fairly good how cheap can you go and still get some good results??
    Im not willing to shell out $400 on a Cuddeback or another high end camera....

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    Iv'e owned four 35mm leaf rivers in the past and still have one left. Sold the others to pay for my Leaf river digital. The 35mm are excellent and take super pictures, plus they are easy to operate. If you can get a good deal on one, then I'd buy it over all others. There digital stuff is great too.

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    Rarely do I speak out negatively about a product, but Leaf River digitals is one of them. IMO, steer clear of them.

    On the other hand, for a reasonable price on a fine digital, check out TrophyScoutCams.
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    I have never used a Cuddy as I produce another line myself, but I will say that my openion is you will probibly not find a reliable NEW digital for under around $300 and that would be a stretch in some cases. I'm sure you will probibly see a slew of folks raving about some this or that that they got for $200 or less, but if you research closely you would probibly come to the same conclusion as I stated.

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    I got my cuddeback for $279 shipped with a memory card. You can also build them fairly cheaply if you are into that type of thing.

    I dont want to bash leaf river cause they seem like a good company but I honestly think the cuddeback is 10 times better.


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    I have nothing bad to say about Leaf river Digitals but I haven't tried their 35. I have had a Non-typical 35(made by the same company as Cuddeback's) it has been out for three straight years and never missed a beat. Cablea's sells them now for $100.00, I don't think you could go wrong with one of them. Just my 2 cents.

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