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    Another "bow for my wife" forum

    Need some opinions. My wife is a petite woman, maybe 5'6'' 125lbs. but very athletic and strong. So I thought about a possibly a martin phantom, Hoyt selena, but she wants to shoot 3D with it to and she wants something that doesn't feel like a toy in her hand. She pulls 60 for hunting and about 50-55 for target/3D. She had an LX but it was a touch to heavy for her, I thought about a VTEC...any suggestions...and visiting my local proshop doesn't do any good, my family owns it. I am just drawing a blank on bows that she might like. Everything is either to big or not big enough. thanks for any suggestions..what I am looking for is women who have had this similar problem. I'm trying too keep her away from two bows for now until she gets better at it and can switch from bow to bow without a problem.

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    I shoot a Hoyt Turbotec with spiral cams. Tell her to try shooting one! The spiral cams are a little different at first, but I love them. It will also give her great speed for 3D. Not a toy at all, but alot of FUN

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    Why not check out the Equalizer. Great speed, just the right size.

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    Not toy-like

    Hi, the Martin Phantom is not toy-like at all. (after all, it's a high-quality "men's" bow that just happens to suit shorter-draw archers pretty well! ) And with all the cam and limb options, she should be able to get the A to A and draw wt she wants. I'm 5' 7" or a bit more, and I have never felt my Phantoms are toy-like! ;D Another to consider might be the Sabre... I haven't shot it, but specs look good. There's several other good bows /models/brands too, with plenty of speed and kinetic energy.. and still reasonably user-friendly! ;D Of course, for the speed freaks, there's all the talk about the Elite Ice... a smoking fast bow for short-draw archers... ;D Yeah, as much as we like to "complain" about lack of options now, it's sure a lot better than it was even a a very few years ago! Have fun! Outdoor Gal

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