Wrist sling or finger sling indoors?


Poll: Which sling type do you use indoors?

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    Question Wrist sling or finger sling indoors?

    For indoor spots, do you use a regular bow attached wrist sling, or do you use a non-attached sling such as a finger sling?

    I like the finger slings but for me they take more time getting on and off, and I'm already one of the slowest shooters. Thinking of going back to a wrist sling.

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    Smile Slings

    You might try a wrist sling not attached to the bow. Works pretty well for GRIV and others. I think you get used to the finger sling and it becomes less of a pain over time.

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    Jbird -

    Neither, I know how to hold a bow !!!

    Seriously, over the years, I've developed a loose grip, that allow the bow freedom to do what it wants, and still not bounce off the floor.

    Yes, I'm talking recurves. here.

    Viper out.

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    I use a knotted circle of shoe lace. I "loop" it around my wrist, up the back of my hand, between my first and middle finger, and then "loop" it around my thumb.... This is fast and secure, and either exactly or very close to what many of the Korean recurve archers do.


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    Talking Viper

    Last time I saw Jimmy D, he wasn't using any kind of strap or sling at all. Of course he got over grabbing his bow at the shot a long time ago. LOL

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    Jbird, how does the sling not attached to the bow work?
    KGK...Do you have a pic of your sling? Sounds like a cool idea
    I tried shooting last year without one and lost my bow once at tourney..

    Best Fishes.....

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    Smile Loose Wrist Sling

    The type of sling that GRIV uses has a loop that slips over your wrist and the end is long enough to run around the bow and snap to the wrist loop on the the other side. You let the piece that goes around the bow rest between your index and middle finger. If you can find some pictures of GRIV shooting maybe you can tell. You can buy these kind of wrist straps from several sources. The nicest ones are avail able from Alt. Sporting Services. Their's are made out of small diameter nylon.

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    Slow shooter?


    I am sure you are not the slowest shooter. Bob Snell is still there isn't he? And I know Paul Hahn is darn slow as well. In fact, I think he just finished last years Indoor season yesterday. LOL

    Hope things are good up north. Say hello from Jay Boushee to the gang.


    "Anyone can be a parent, but it takes someone special to be a Mommy or Daddy." My Kids!

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    lol, Arrow.

    Seems the only way I can shoot my pace is if I'm the only one in there. lol

    I just joined this spring, and I'm not sure if I've met Bob or not. I do know Paul. I'm met probably three ex-RR Archers here on AT. I'll say hi!


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