Limb Savers – Are These for a Compound Bow?


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    Limb Savers – Are These for a Compound Bow?

    I just bought these limb savers and have seen on the company’s website (limb saver by SVL) that they are for recurve bows. Are these limb savers going to work on my High Country.

    The directions are for a “solid limb bow”. Is this nothing more than a compound bow that is NOT a split limb?

    I’ve been told that my bow holds a large amount of energy and that is why it makes so much noise when I shoot. I have to believe that limb savers will make some sort of difference.


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    I have them on all my compounds. Helps alot.
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    Sorry for the size of the photo. I've posted photos before with no problems... just forgot to resize the photo.

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    That will work for solid limb bow the other limb saver is a two piece system for split limb bows ...and yes it will help quit your bow down just put them as close to the cams as possible without touching the cabels ..

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    They should work on any solid limb bow

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    Those look like the Limb Saver Ultras and will work fine on your bow. Even if they are designesd for a recurve I can't see how they would be much different. As far as making your bow quiet....I don't think there will be a big difference if Limb Savers is all you are doing. I didn't say that it won't help...but they won't make a loud bow quiet. JMHO.

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