Care packages for Over Seas Marines


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    Care packages for Over Seas Marines

    Good evening everyone,
    My name is Sgt Cowsert, and for the third consecutive year, I have been deployed over seas during elk/deer season. In that time I have met several young, motivated warriors who also share our passion for bow hunting but aren't able to hunt for obvious reasons. As a prideful young man, I do not like asking for help. But I am asking you this evening. I am asking for care packages for these marines, whether it be jerky, hunting DVDs, apparel, decals, hats...etc. literally anything. Just something that our bow hunting community can send them that shows they have support back home. As much as we preach about family in the Marine Corps, please help me show my marines that bow hunters care, and we help each other. God bless, and Semper Fi.

    Please PM me for an address!

    - Sgt Cowsert

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