Myles Keller XI Flatliner


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    Myles Keller XI Flatliner

    I bought a Myles Keller XI Flatliner last year from a friend who was going to throw it away. I have heard it was a good good bow. I paid $50 for it. This bow had an overdraw, a nice site, the quiver is loose. I replaced the cable and string and string silencers. Does anyone know what the specs are or does anyone know anything about this bow.

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    sold a lot of them back in the late 80,s, nice bow at the time, had some limb problems though.

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    what kind of limb problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultimatesteel38
    what kind of limb problems?
    Quite a few cracked limbs if I remember correctly.

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    Only info I have is it has a 60 3/4" string (17" limb) or 59 1/8" (15" limb) and 42 1/2" cables (assuming 17") or 41 5/8" (15").

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    I have to ask.

    I bought a Myles Keller XI Flatliner last year from a friend who was going to throw it away.
    If he was going to trash it, why did he charge you?

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    I'll try to remember

    I believe the Flatliner came out in '92 or '93. I remember their ads were "Speed Kills" and they advertised 280 fps at 60#, 360 gr. arrow and 30" draw. The were definitely pushing the speed envelope back then to compete with High Country Supremes and Hoyt Proforce and Superslams. A friend had the Legacy, which was the same riser as the Flatliner, with longer recurve limbs and a milder cam. It was a nice bow, good shooter and quiet for a '90s bow. XI was one of, if not the first to use a split yoke cable system with an all fast flight harness. They actually had separate slots cut into their limb tips at the axle to accomodate the harness. The following year, many companies had split yokes that attached to a longer axle outside the limbs, as is common today. As they were pushing speed, and the Flatliner had shorter straight limbs, they had a reputation of limb problems, cracking, etc. A year or so later, they came up with a model that had multi-layer limbs that they claimed would hold up to a thousand dry fires. I can't remember the name of the model though. Obviously, the company is no longer in business, so replacement limbs would have to be custom made. If you shoot the bow with relatively heavy arrows, you may not have a problem though. I personally would not feed it a steady diet of light weight carbon arrows.
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    Still have mine!!

    I still have my XI Flatliner. Can't remember exactly what year I bought it though. Have not shot it for awhile either. I did experience a limb crack a year or so after I bought it. XI sent me a new limb. Whenever I was at a local shoot I would get many comments about how strange the preloaded limbs looked and how quiet the bow was. It used to chrono at 240 -243 @ 28.5 draw and 70lbs. Don't know what my arrows weighed but I'm sure they were pretty heavy. Never had anything but complete pass throughs with that bow and mechanical heads. Back then the string material was not what it is today and I was forever twisting things. You had to watch that the hatchet cams did not contact the string at brace. I might have to get some new cables and string and see how it feels now. If you like, I can see if I can still read the label and maybe get some more info for you when I get home.

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    I would appreciate it if you could. Thanx

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