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    Question Limb Saver Placement

    I've notice that some people install the limb savers in the middle of the limb. I have always placed mine as close to the cams and cables as I can get them.

    What's up?

    Am I missing something here?

    Where do you put them and why?

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    I do believe that they work best as close to the limbs as possible, but some archers like them at a location where the limb isn't flexing much(especially the stick on type).

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    I put mone approx. 1/2 inch from the "V" at the end of the limb making sure you have enough clearence fot the cables I put it this way because of the instructions on the package and because I watched the guy who invented them do it that way on an episode of The American Archer TV show.

    Good luck.

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    I don't think any target recurve shooters put them where the instructions say (near the limb ends). Most of us put them at the end of the "taper (several inches from the riser) on either side of the limbs-I have also seen them put on the end of the limb (where they enter the riser) as well.

    putting them in the recommended place costs you several FPS.
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    How much speed do you lose ??.I am the king of OVER SIMMS.I have 3 on each limb.One in the normal place,One,same side,next to the rizer,Last one,half inch up from the limb bolt.
    Hey, if one works this good,,,well the more the merryerererererer !!

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    I use 2 on each limb on my hunting bow. One near the fork and one toward the riser. It is amazing how much quieter 2 are compared to one. I only lost 1 or 2 fps with the 2nd limb saver. Makes about as much noise as a mouse passing gas!

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