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Thread: Perfermance Enhancement Drugs in archery?

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    archer53 Guest

    Perfermance Enhancement Drugs in archery?

    I just noticed this on the IBO's rules on there website. Watch out you my be pulled aside by big Ken to do a pee test at your next IBO shoot

    IBO rule
    g. Using performance enhancing drugs - Recognizing the IBO / 3-DI affiliation with FITA; the IBO is developing a substance abuse policy. We may be recognizing guidelines along the same structure as those utilized by FITA in their International competitions. Be advised, these guidelines may be implemented in the near future and may come into use with no further warning than this advisory.

    Is this a joke? Or does FITA really do this and how does it work?

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    Means no Beta Blockers..
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    archer53 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JAVI
    Means no Alpha Blockers..
    Are you joking? What are Alpha Blockers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer53
    Are you joking? What are Beta Blockers?
    Calms you nerves... makes ice water run in your veins...

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    archer53 Guest
    Ok I see. Thanks Javi.

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    archer53 Guest
    Maybe I should have taking them when I was with my ex-wife I might not have high blood pressure today

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    It will be interesting to see whose performance changes once the random tests start. It’s not like testosterone that can be a little high naturally any trace of a beta-blocker and you are out.
    This is a move that all archery should embrace at the elite level, it would be too expensive for them to use on just every one. If you are on beta blockers for Blood pressure there are alternatives, this is the way I have gone just ask your doctor

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    Ok.. You heard the man

    No more free brownies on the shooting line people!! Don't even ask I won't have any on me

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    Don't get so excited...there are NUMEROUS older shooters out there that are on Beta-blockers and other medications for heart problems, etc.

    It is a nearly SIMPLE process to get medical dispensation from the FITA agency that handles this stuff. Simply need to get the paperwork, have your doctor fill it out that the medications are PRESCRIBED for health reasons and NORMALLY, you are given the waivers.

    However, without the waivers, if you test positive...you will be disqualified and possibly banned for abuse of the Drug Policy.

    Read: USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) at all. The best advice I can give you is to visit their website at http://www.usantidoping.org/default.aspx

    and also: www.archery.org

    Select "anti-doping" and read to your heart's content...and take the action needed to "clear you" for prescribed medications...the key word being PRESCRIBED.

    I'm affected directly by this, along with numerous other shooters that I know because of heart surgery, cholesterol medications, and "intentional tremor"...ALL of which are PRESCRIBED medications...and several of which areon the "banned substances lists".

    Don't sweat what isn't a big deal...UNLESS you are routinely taking uppers and downers, or drinking alcohol to "settle our nerves", or using marijuana to help you chill out....or steroids...you know...stuff that you are doing outside the limits of the RULES for anti-doping...

    In the not too distant past, I know for a FACT that SOME shooters were taking "toddies" to help settle them down...and nothing was done about it, because there simply weren't any rules to the contrary....UNTIL NOW...I'd imagine the IBO, ASA, and NFAA will be following suit very, very soon on this issue...due mostly to its sudden emergence as a "problem in baseball, football, and now cycling.

    Hope this helps you.

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    This is crazy Next we will only be able to use 8 power asprin

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    archer53 Guest
    So now I have to get a doctors note to shoot a bow? or change from a medication that works great for me to something that might or might not work as good? Sound silly to me.

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    Performance enhancing drugs? Where I league shoot............ I would have to say............. Beer

    Although debatable if it improves their performance…

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    i heard some of the best archers are linked with BALCO . seems a little much but whatever the feel they need to do.
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    LOL, Yeah Ill give em a sample..

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    Beta blockers will decrease the contractility of the heart hence the reason they are a common treatment for hypertension, but I never even thought that they could be used in the shooting world of either archery or firearms. What about all the different benzodiazepines (valium, xanax) out there. I would guess these would be utilized more for the shooting sports. Is this a common practice amongst the dishonest in the professional archery world?
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    Read the links I posted earlier...the entire list of banned substances is there...as are the downloads of the appropriate forms for your doctor or prescribing physician to fill out and submit to the governing body...EVERYONE should know what they are dealing with...it sure isn't any hidden SECRET....

    For OLYMPIC style archery...it has always been there...for ANY olympic sport...however, the archery part of it was recently updated to include other performance enhancing drugs to bring it in line with the other shooting sports and other sports in general.

    It SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED a LONG TIME AGO, IMHO...and I'm a person that has prescribed medications for my heart and other health problems....no big deal...just get the doctor to fill out the paperwork and get the "dispensation"...it isn't any different than any other competitive sport.

    I don't see anything at all wrong with an Anit-Doping policy for competitive archery or ANY competitive sport of any kind, but it should be standard across the board...for example...it shouldn't be OK to use marijuana in NFAA but not in FITA, or hasish in IBO, but not in ASA.....STANDARD across the board...use it and test positive...and you are disqualified and suspended for a certain period of time...repeat offenders...simple....BANNED for life.

    They allow the special "dispensation" for prescription medications as long as it is certified by a licensed DOCTOR, NEUROLOGIST, CARDIOLOGIST, etc...so there isn't a big deal about it...UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE...then if you pull the stunt and test positive, the hammer of THOR should come down on you with full force.

    If you want to do drugs and try to sneak by....then suffer the consequences. If you want to do drugs....then DON'T try to compete...unless you are willing to "do the time for the crime."

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    archer53 Guest
    I know the beta blockers haven't helped my shooting lol

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    Agrees with field 14 100%. Lets keep our sport clean. I sure don't want to go hunting with someone thats has who knows what running thru his/her veins from shooting at some league the night before
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    Beta Blockers?

    I was thinking Beer.......

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    I know and have personally seen many many people take and use pain killers and other drugs like this to calm the nerves during a 3D shoot or other fairly large sanctioned shoot. Not that its a performance enhancer, but I can't imagine the number of shooters at the pro/elite level that have some THC in their bloodstream as well...........there are more than you think .

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    Beta Blockers aren't just used for hypertension. I have severe heart problems including episodes of uncontrolled fibrillation and my cardiologist has me on Sotocor (Sotolol) which is a beta blocker but also controls the fibrillation.

    It also slows your heart down and makes you feel very lacking in energy. I've asked him if I could come off them but he won't hear of it. They aren't fun to be on and I don't find that they help my archery at all - quite the contrary in fact.

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    Is beer a performance enhancing drug??
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    archer53 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tjandy
    Is beer a performance enhancing drug??

    I know it sure relaxes me

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    THC in their bloodstream as well...........there are more than you think

    OBT is alwasy talking about the snacky cakes?? Is that Southern talk for performance enhancing brownies??

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    As we say in the Army, that 'pee test' is one you don't want to pass!

    But I am sure, that someone with a super competive urge might use them.... what ever happen to 'all natural'
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