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Thread: Archery Heroes

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    May 2006
    Saint Albans, WV
    1. My dad (got me into this hobby/sport)
    2. My coach/mentor Patrick
    3. Chris Roland (inspiration)
    4. Too many AT'ers to list


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    Aug 2006


    My dad, my uncle-Hap Fling, and my uncle's boss and life long friend-Fred Bear, Tom.

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    Jul 2006
    Mexico City.
    John Rambo.

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    Jun 2003
    Wide Bay Queensland AUS

    Thanks to Bob Gentry

    There have been many good Archers that I have come into contact with over the last 15 odd years that I have been shooting,
    After the IFAA Worlds downunder I hung up my bow for the last time..
    I felt that my time had come,Bob had stayed on for a few days after ,to sight see ,go fishing etc, late in the week came the invatation to shoot a few arrows, on the satuarday ,well I did'nt really want too, but thought, Oh Well what the heck. just a few more arrows wo'nt matter,
    Boy, was I so wrong, Bob spent the next 2 days with me and the result is that I am back shooting today like I'd just started yesterday ,itching to get the bow back in the hand.
    He has made a greatest impact on me, more than any other archer I,ve ever meet.
    So much so that I 'll be in Vegas to shoot next year (2007 )

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    My Dad for first introducing me to a bow and the love of the outdoors. Wray Snyder for taking me bow hunting when my dad couldnt go. rest in peace Wray...

    Shoot Strong

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    Nov 2003
    Grandpa for making me my first bow---a twig with a twig arrow.
    Dad for taking the time to get me started.
    A guy who ran the first Pro Shop I ever went to: Dick Renner.
    Myles Keller for helping to make bows well ahead of their time, and developing techniques for consistent runs at real trophies.
    Barry & Gene Wensel, for simplifying the whole mess and putting it into writing.

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    Thumbs up Walk down memory lane

    Someone wrote a nice tribute to Katie Smith. I remember that she dominated the sport years ago, I don't think I ever met her. What happened to her? I was sorry to hear she is gone. It seems every archery magazine featured her years ago...

    I saw a lot of the old NFAA style shooters listed... that brought back a lot of memories. Jim Brown won a lot back in the 1970's and 80's, and Larry Wise is also one of those that had a huge impact on our sport.

    Also--someone mentioned Bob Markworth--- I met him at the Safari Club International convention a few years ago. He looked good and is still performing. He attended my exhibition and that will put a little pressure on you when you look out and see someone like him in your audience.

    Ann Clark also performed a lot of exhibitions, she competed around the same time Ann Hoyt did.

    Thanks to everyone for posting---keep it up.

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    NW Wisc
    Mike Strassman, he introduced me to target archery and has been helping me improve more every year. He is never to busy to help a fellow archer who truly wants to learn the sport and tirelessly promotes archery at all levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspirin Buster
    Who's your archery heroes?

    I thought an interesting thread would be to list some of our archery heroes and what they've meant to us.

    I'd have to say my parents first since they put that first bow in my hand at age 4, then Fred Bear, and Rev. Stacy Groscup.

    Ok folks the starter of this thread does his fair share for archery. Check out the link.

    While your on the site be sure to check out the link on Rev. Stacy Groscup. Rev Groscup and now Frank Addington Jr. bring a great deal of attention to archery and present a message to our children in the process.

    I hope your show is still going Frankie. Keep up the good work and tell your parents I said Hey.

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    NW Indiana
    Terry Ragsdale. He has always been a class act. I still have an autographed poster of him shooting a Mach 5.

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    Richmond, VA
    The word I get from a reliable source is that Terry Ragsdale has started back shooting with a Hoyt.

    Katie Smith was the most fierce archery competitor, ever!

    Jim Quarles
    Jim Quarles

    Illegitimus non Carborundum

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    My hunting heros are as follows:

    My son Dillon
    Fred Bear
    Chuck Adams
    Roger Raglin
    Stan Potts
    Greg Miller
    Ted Nugent

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    Troupsburg, New York
    I'm dating myself but I have a few that come to mind. Rube Powell was unbeatable for a long time, then Bob Rhode made headlines by taking over the fee style shooting. Jaye Peak was a National Champion back when Fred Bear was still growing and Fred carried a spare bow for him at Watkins Glenn the year that he won the instinctive division. Fred Bear would have to be the Hero in the true sense of the word. He and his wife lived in a tent (including during the winter) the first year when they were building the business in Grayling. Fred had many people before him that he looked up to, all of us do.
    Right now my real heros are the men and women who have delayed their shooting schedules so that they can serve their country around the world. A title or a medal could not begin to give what these people have and continue to give. Say a prayer for all the heros who are defending our freedom.
    Last edited by Doug Brisbane; August 19th, 2006 at 12:26 PM.

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    Earl Hoyt
    Jim Easton
    Darrell Pace
    Rick McKinney
    Michelle Ragsdale

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    Right On

    Thanks for the kind words Brian. Rev. Groscup passed away last fall, he was 84! He was actively shooting until a heart attack last July weakened him.. he had to have five bypasses and never really regained his strength. He passed away about eight weeks later. He & I spoke about three days before he passed away. I miss him very much. I use a leather tab he made for me over 10 years ago for every exhibition that I do.

    As for the shows--yep---still at it. 21 years we've been on the road. Proud to be a protege' of Stacy Groscup! He was the real deal! His grand daughter set up a tribute site for him--email me for a link.

    Someone else mentioned our military---you are 100% right. They are heroes. Thank you.

    I am enjoying all of your posts. Glad to see so many mention their dads, grandpas, and children. That's very cool.

    Can someone please fill me on what happened to Katie Smith?
    Last edited by Aspirin Buster; August 19th, 2006 at 12:49 PM.

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    Nov 2005
    Central Ohio


    I left out Nuts & Bolts. That dude has given me and others a ton of information since I've been on this board.

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    Nov 2005
    Las Vegas
    for me its Sung Hyun Park. hands down.
    sponsored by MK Korea archery and Fiberbow Stabilizers. (MK Korea dealer, Fiberbow stabs dealer, TopHat 150gr points dealer). USAA level 2 instructor, Korean method archery coach.

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    Rev. Groscup

    I remember Rev. Groscup teaching us to shoot at 4-H camp in Morgantown when I was a kid. He was a great shooter and teacher, but he was a better human being. I watched him shoot aspirin many times through the years. I was very sorry to read about his death, may he rest in peace for we know where he is at, Tom.

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    Gary Jordan of Mobile, Alabama. Just when I thought I was all done, I met Gary. His positive attitude inspired me to keep on truckin.

    And of course all those who serve to keep us safe to shoot.


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    dry ridge ky

    Tim farmer

    Without a doubt Tim Farmer host of kentucky afield without a little help from him i probably wouldnt be shooting today atrue inspiration to all

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    north coast
    first and foremost.....katie smith. shooting with her taught me wonders about intensity.

    john whaley for teaching me how to let go and just let it happen. the man was amazing. he could walk in from the cold of winter with a bow that was in his trunk all day and start shooting quarter sized groups long before the bow was at room temp. another amazing person with shooting traits that rub off onto you. relaxed and cool was the name of his game. now that i think about it, john was almost the opposite of katie during the scoring ends.

    my folx for supporting me like they did. only now do i come close to realizing how much they sacrificed for the love of the sport.

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    Rev Stacy Groscup

    Rev. Stacy Groscup Memorial Website

    Here is the website the late Rev. Stacy Groscup's grand daughter put together in his memory. A great website:

    What a great man. He did the word Hero and Friend justice.

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    Aug 2006
    Foothill of the Santa Rita Mountains AZ.
    Jim Caspers Discovered by archery officials while shooting at an archery demonstration at a state fair in 1950s using mediocre equipment he was encouraged to become a serious archer and won the world archery Championships held in Sweden in 1959.
    Anyone attending the Ben Pierson Open around 1960 would have seen him shoot a 96 arrow 20 yard Chicago Round and only missing 3 arrows by a fraction of an inch in front of two thousand archers.
    This was accomplished with a 66" Ben Pierson Palamino 44# with no stablizer or rear peep and only a pin for a sight.

    Al Henderson who assisted many youths in their drive to become better Archers.

    Bill Bednar

    Karl Palmatier instramental in the forming of the P.A.A.

    always runner up -Ed Rhode

    Ann Marston

    Dicky Roberts - Produced one of the best Bows i ever shot. 1965 NFAA Champ

    Skip Palmer Dominated the NFAA heavy tackle division for many years.

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    Jim Caspers is a new name to me. Sounds like an amazing shooter.

    Al Henderson---what a great man. His common sense approach and stress on the mental aspects of archery helped me greatly.


    Keep these posts up! Some of the posts are a walk down memory lane and some teach me about new people I'd never met or heard of. This is a very cool thread... very positive too.

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    While there are certainly a lot of archers I admire, my hero would, without question be Fred Bear.

    " They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." -- The last words of Union Army General John Sedgewick before being killed by a Confederate sharp-shooter in the opening battles of Spotsylvania.

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