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Thread: Face Paint & beard

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    Face Paint & beard

    Could someone tell me if having a Beard during bow season helps hide your facial features from dear? I hate wearing a Face Mask? Also whats the best Face Paint to use?
    Thanks for the imput.

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    Having a beard will help reduce the glare from your face, but I also agree with some of the other members here that it will also hold alot of scent.

    I've always let my beard grow out for Elk season and then just play the wind.

    It doesn't matter which facepaint you choose, it's still going to look like you were into the wifes make-up after trying to wash it off. We have tried every type there is in the last 20 years, and it is impossible to wash it all off around your eyes. I would say that the basic kit with the 4 different colors is a good way to go, we didn't like the cream types, they made my face itch when I sweated.
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    I've used Allen facepaint from Wal-Mart hunting section. It works fine but you need sandpaper and MEK to remove the crap!

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    I guess I'd better clarify....just kidding about the MEK...

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    As mentioned, a beard will obviously help break up your face but you still have to contend with the extra scent that the hair will absorb. I would rarely hunt without a Scent-Lok hood, that way all your head odors from hair and breath are contained.
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    I shoot with a kisser so I don't like to use a face mask unless it is extremely cold. I use the Hunter's Specialties face paint and it comes off fairly easy. I buy the Equate facial cleansing tissues at Wal-Mart. It is used to remove makeup and oil and dirt so the stuff comes off pretty easy. As far as the beard; I grew mine out a couple of years ago and it helped keep my face warm but I'm sure it held in scent as well. Plus, the wife didn't like it and it made for a rather, ahem, frustrating season if you know what I mean. Probable TMI so I will just go now.

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