Kansas city meat processors?


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    Question Kansas city meat processors?

    Do any Kansas or Missouri hunters know of a good place to take deer to for processing? Hopefully one near Kansas City, or Leawood Ks.

    Edit: I would be harvesting this deer (hopefully!) near Platte City.

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    Blue Springs, Winter Meat.

    Raytown, The Store.

    Both will take donated deer for Hunters for the Hungry.

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    Deer processing in Easton and Winchester

    Both are descent, but would recommend Winchester meats. They charge 75.00 for basic suts plus all your extra missing of meat.

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    Or you could process your own meat...

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    Steve's Meat Market in DeSoto does a decent job for about $75. Like Romeo said, you could process it yourself...its not as hard as you might think.

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    wow people really pay 75 bucks to have their deer butchered.

    I'd go broke

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    Paradise Meat Locker in Trimble MO, just north of Smithville and east of Platte City. Their number is 532-0584. I’ve had a few there, they lost one three years ago, but made it up to me. They’re kind of expensive, but they do a nice job, if they don’t loose your deer. Make sure you ask how long it will take before you can pick it up. Sometimes they wait until rifle season for jerky and sausage.

    Where in Platte City are you hunting? I’m at Platte Falls every other weekend. Send me a PM if you’d like to share some info.

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