I originally posted this on Jerry/NJ 's BH Sharpening thread, I have recieved a number of PM's asking what "clamp" I am using.

After failing to find a Gatco clamp as specified by Jerry, I went down to my local Lowe's Store and found a Lansky Sharpening System.

Now what I like about the Lansky vs. the Gatco is the fact that the Lansky allows you to NOT install the VERTICAL section of the clamp.

Thus, you don't have to pull the clamp along the "outside" of your stropping board.

Modifications I HAD to DO:

1. Dremel the bolt closest to the "angle".
2. Dremel the Red Lock Knob closest to the "angle".

Hey Jerry,

I have been utilizing a similar method since 1991. Primarily for 2 blade heads such as Bear Razor heads, then Zwickeys, then Ribteks. I also have done the same with 3 blade heads like Snuffers.

For the above methods I used the Tru-Angle files, stones and leather strops.

One common denominator = Valve Grinding Paste.

I really like your method, however. One change I have incorporated is using a Lansky jig instead of the Gatco. One thing I like better is that the Lansky does NOT have the "L" construction. It is nice in that now you don't have to "pull" along the edge of your board.

Anyways great Thread! Here are my pics of my 85 gr. Slick Trick (note: the brush is used to clean off the blades):