2 man ladder stand is a 4 man job...


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    Exclamation 2 man ladder stand is a 4 man job...

    my brother went and bought a 2 man ladder stand to put up onth farm we hunt during rifle season. we got it back up in the woods and put it together but we cant git it to stand up on the tree. its too topheavy and heavy in general. have any of yall ever had this problem?? how did ya git it up in the tree?? any help would be nice. its layin on the ground right now and we dont know how to git it up there...

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    You could try putting it up in sections, put up the seat and one or two ladder section, then raise them and add the bottom sectoins.

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    my dad (56yrs old) and I can put one of these up no problem, here's how we do it.

    he stands on the back side of the ladder and holds the feet in place, i stand by the seat and lift it and walk back towards him lifting it as i go, he also helps by pulling as I get closer and we'll get up straight and get into position.

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    I do exactly as Bellows said ...works for me.Good Luck Sean.

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    Have one person stand on the bottom rung of the ladder with his back against the tree and pull it up while the other person walks underneath it, pushing it up.

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    DLE beat me to it.

    I've also done it by myself by tying the bottom of the ladder to the bottom of the tree to hold it down. It's a bit harder, but it works.

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    you can eally get hurt putting up and taking down ladder stands. just getting up there to put the rachet strap on is hairy, here's how we do it. we put it all together, making sure the bottom won't slide out on you, even if you have to put some temporary stakes on the bottom and tied with a wire or rope so it will keep the bottom from sliding but allow you to take it on up. now what is the most important thing of all is a long rope, more than twice as long as the stand is tall, (15ft stand, use a 50ft rope) tie it to the top of the stand, in some cases you can throw a rope over a branch way up there, but let's say yoy can't. two of you walk the stand up by that i mean push it straight up in the air till it's vertical, then get on the under side and gently let it come to the tree. now! and i mean now!one guy holds it while the other guy takes the rope and goes around the tree with the rope that is hanging down from the top, wrap it around the stand at least once, and then tie it of solid to the tree. if there is another tree close by, stretch the rope over there and tie it off tight. now once your angle is right, go ahead and drive stakes in solid and tie the bottom off good. now climbup and put your first kicker brace off from the ladder to the tree. then go on up and put your rachet strap at the top, then and only then do you take your rope off, same thing when you take it down, before you take that top strap off, re tie the rope, which you will use if it's over a branch to lower it. i was with a guy who broke his back in utah 4 years ago , because he didn't use a rope

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    We use a rope. Position the bottom of the ladder against the base of the tree (seat facing the ground). Tie the rope to the seat section of the stand, throw the rope over a limb strong enough to support the weight of the stand. One person pulls the rope and the other walks the stand up in place. Works for us. We use a small section of pipe to tie the rope to. Makes it easier to throw the rope over the limb.

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    Ladder Stands make me glad I use Hang-ons

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    Mean V, one of the reasons i went to a ladder stand here in az is the forrest service started citing guys that were using climbers in aspen trees , they will tear the bark off an aspen so bad it will shorten it's life. also they will cite you for cutting off branches on pine trees , you can see the sap run out where ever you cut a branch off to get your climber over, and they will really nail you if you put in screw in pegs. they got into so many incidents with hunters fighting over tree stands they got tired of it. here in az , you can't permanently attach anything to a tree, so they have joined with the game and fish and suggest that we use a leaning ladder stand. sounds like a bunch of crap, but i didn't wanna hassle with it any more. climbers in certain situations are the only way to go, i have both

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    I use ladder stands exclusivley and find both the installation and use safer than any other type of stand. The hard part is carrying them in as some of them can be heavy. Find and trim your tree, I find that not much trimming is usually necessary at the bottom levels. Great for extra concealment, as long as it doen't impede climbing. Section the ladder together with the base about 3 feet from the bottom of the tree. Face the top of the chair/seat section and lift. Work it up over your head, advancing past the seat to the ladder part. You should now have both arms up over your head supporting the weight of the stand facing the tree. Slowly work your way to the tree raising and working your way down the ladder while raisng the stand more ( I hope that made sense.) When you reach the base of the tree the ladder should be erected and leaning against the tree. Attach the brace to the ladder and tree with a ratchet strap, some send rope for the brace, I say use a ratchet strap. Here's the trick... Take a long yellow or orange ratchet tie down like you would use for tying down a 4 wheeler or load in a pickup bed. Attach one end of the tie down to the ladder a couple of rungs above the base. Go around the tree and attach the other end to the other side of the ladder. Ratchet it tight and the top of the stand will work it's way into the tree. With the tie down and the brace ratcheted to the tree it will make it much safer to climb to the top and affix the ratchet strap to the top section. Climb down and remove the long tie down and you are done. Climb back to the top and affix the fall restraint harness and bow holder, drink holder and any other accessories you may like and enjoy the safest, fastest climbing stand there is... Enjoy.
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    I never had a problem putting them up. Then it gets locked to tree. I pick out two trees together.Works great-joe

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    Hey Forrest, great minds must think alike because your method is exactly the same way I now put up my ladder stands ! With both ratchet straps in place everything stays nice and solid for that first climb to the top.


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    Thumbs up

    we may be safety feaks , but me or my bro will climb the tree with our climber while the one on the ground assembles the legs. the climber kinda holds the top while the ground dude slides it on up, adding ladder sections as it goes up. The climber dude can then attach the top to the tree without anyone having any weight on the stand in case of failure. As he decends, he attaches the middle brace with the help of the ground dude.

    I hope that made some sense. It sounds like it would take a lot of time and work but really it doesn't at all, and it is very safe.

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    just put one up a week ago.....104 lbs. put it together and walked it up. no problem!

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    OK heres how i did my 15 ft 80lb 2 man ladder stand BY MYSELF the last time i put it in a tree.

    Since i need to use my cart to get the monster stand into the woods.

    I use my climbing sticks and install a screw in eye bolt into the tree above where i know that the stand height will go. which i can remove the eye bolt if needed after installed.

    I then use a small block and tackle and attach it with a rope,

    I then climb down and attach the other end of the rope through the block and tackle to the top tree side of the stand.

    I try to set the legs of the stand into the ground some to help out.

    I use the leverage of the block and tackle to help as my 2nd person and to secure the heavy stand while lifting.

    then i can hoist it up and use ratchet straps to lock it all in place.

    I actually leave my climbing sticks in place while i put it in the tree, it makes it easier to get the ratchet straps locked in place better, the sticks are easy to remove after the stand is in in place.

    This is not really a practical way to put the stand up for only a day or 2 hunt, but this isn't actually the most mobile of tree stands for that type of hunting anyways, I put it up usually before season, and leave it there. only on private land and its locked to the tree.

    Even with 2 people this is a better way IMO then walking the stand up the tree over your head.

    Hope this works out for ya, I would advise doing a test run at home in the yard so you get the hang of it with out running all the animals out of the county.


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    I have one heres how I do it by my self.
    climb tree with a climer or you can use the ladder part of your stand.put a tree step in tree.pull a rope up with you lay across step.tie it to stand where it goes aginst tree,tie other end to four wheeler and pull it right up.keep pressure on rope untill you strap it to the tree.and your done.

    but if you dont have a four wheeler I dont have any idea.......

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    Some 2 mans are heavier than others, but I just put one up this weekend. Just wedged the bottom of the ladder against the tree and walked it up no problem. Once I had it against the tree, I just lifted and pulled the bottom of the ladder out.
    I had another one that I put 1/2" green treated plywood sides on.........YIKES!!! That thing was heavy, I took the bottom section of ladder off and it still was all my wife and I could do to tip it up.


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    I just put up an inexpensive ladder stand this weekend. Like most have mentioned you walk them up like the fire department walks up a ladder. Then like Forrest said secure your support post to the tree.

    My stand came with two ropes that you tie on the "V" that sits against the tree at the platform level. You take them around the tree making a X behind the tree and out to the ladder as high as you can reach. Pull tight and tie to the ladder's rails. You can now climb up without it shifting on the tree. You get to the top and ratchet it tight. Untie the ropes and let them fall to the ground. Climb down and untie them from the side rails and store them away for when you remove the stand. They worked great. No need to have some one hold it to the tree for you.
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    The last one I put up by myself was a pain. I hauled it into the woods with my ATV, assembled it, and then threw a rope over a limb high than the stand, tied the one end of the rope to the stand and the other end to the ATV. Drove the ATV slowly and the stand went up. Had to stop every once and a while to make sure it was guide up right and then when it was close to set, I set the brakes on the ATV (which made sure the stand wouldn't back out) and up I went to strap it down.

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    I use 2 ways to put up my ladder stands.

    1) Same as most. Wedge bottom against tree and walk it up. I use this method when there are not too many branches in the way.

    2) It is best to have 2 people for this.
    If there are a lot of branches and I want to use them as cover I do this. I reverse the direction of the stand. By this I mean, I place the assembled stand on the ground top against the tree with seat facing up. I then start walking the stand up the tree keeping the top against the tree at all times. As I push the stand up the tree I drag the bottom close. Once the stand is somewhat vertical I can then go to the other side of the stand and start lifting the top little by little and moving the base toward the tree as I do. This works well when you have a wide branching tree.

    Once the stand is up I attach the brace lightly, friend holds the stand and we accend to attach the top strap.
    We use my deer cart to haul our stands to the desired location.

    My friend and I almost always set our stands up together.

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    I put up a 2 man ladder stand by myself! Trust me is wasnt easy. I found a tree with a V in it and threw a rope through the V in the tree. I attached the rope to the top of the ladder stand and lifted it up that way. I tied the rope off to another tree and made all the final adjustments.

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    It was a chore, but the winch we bought and put on the 4 Wheeler was the best money I have spent in a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfowl
    The last one I put up by myself was a pain. I hauled it into the woods with my ATV, assembled it, and then threw a rope over a limb high than the stand, tied the one end of the rope to the stand and the other end to the ATV. Drove the ATV slowly and the stand went up. Had to stop every once and a while to make sure it was guide up right and then when it was close to set, I set the brakes on the ATV (which made sure the stand wouldn't back out) and up I went to strap it down.
    This is pretty much how I do it.I drill and pin the ladder sections together so they don't come apart when I'm climbing it or putting it up.Hook on the ATV and go.It also is nice to have the ATV hooked on with a rope when you go up to put the strap around the tree.

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