What to do with wild hotg


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    What to do with wild hotg

    The place I bowhunt deer every Oct-Dec is overrun with wild hogs. Other than using the pork to mix with venison for sausage, I am hesitant to shoot another hog, not knowing "quality" ways to prepare the meat. Suggestions on recipes, etc.

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    Pork loin marinaded in Italian dressing and cooked on the grill Check it with a thermometer to make sure it's 160 deg all the way through.

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    Try this once and you will do it often.

    Take a loin or large tenderloin and fillet it out to a smooth sheet of meat, about 1/4" to 1/2" thick, smooth some apricot preserves and place a piece of bacon in the middle, sprinkle with some pepper and a good bit of onion, then roll it up, wrap with a ton of bacon and secure with toothpicks or skewers so the bacon doesn't flop.

    then grill on medium heat, careful not to burn the bacon, that is a sin.

    once well done slice in one inch pieces and devour.

    old standby is to take a backstrap and cut into two inch cuts, butterfly and wrap with a piece of bacon and sprinkle with salt and pepper, grill and enjoy.

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    man wild hog is GOOD EATS as long as it ain't no old boar, take them to the butcher to mix with domestic pork/pork fat and make sausage.

    inject a whole shoulder with chile powder cumin garlic powder and worschestershire sauce/ beer mixture and grill indirectly (or smoke) over apple wood or mesquite.

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