fletching hitting riser


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    fletching hitting riser

    my fletching hits the little shelf on riser below arrow rest . i think fletching hitting some part of bow or rest is a common tuning problem . i got to wondering why doesn't someone make fletchings that are less high . alot of times a 1/16 less would save problems and i suspect an 1/8 less would be perfect . if you wanted more vane surface area you could simply put on a 1/2 inch longer vane . okay, so what have i overlooked ? .thank you

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    They do make a lower profile but check your rest. If your arrow is even with your berger button hole you should not hit the shelf. If you are hitting the side of the riser, check your centershot. If you are shooting a dropaway rest use cock vane up. Good luck.

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    Sounds like you need the service of a pro shop--------set the rest up properly------problem solved. It's not the fletching it's all in your set up.
    Have a good day and a better hunt

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    Is your rest running parralel to your button hole??

    If so then smaller vanes will help

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