What does a distressed rabbit sound like?


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    What does a distressed rabbit sound like?

    I just got a little predator mouth call but have no idea what sounds I'm supposed to be making. Anyone know of any sound files or something online for free?

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    put a blade of grass between your thumbs & blow real hard .best coyote call.

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    click here:


    then scroll down.

    this is another great site:


    i actually made a cd using some of those sounds, and i used the cd to call several coyotes and fox. all i have to do is turn on the Coyote Locator, and i will have coyotes barking all over the place. that thing really works.

    good luck!!

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    another simple way is to buy another coyoe call with a disc or rent or buy a dvd where they use mouth calls.

    As a tip, and with what seems I have a little more exerience in mouth calls, never start calling coyotes with all that you can blow into the calls.

    Start soft and see what happens, the start getting louder and louder and then get softer. Basically if there is a yote within 50 yards of you, youdo not want to scare him into the next county.

    Also buy one or two more, if you hunt the same land a lot. They will get wise to the call sound and then the big bang. Try not to miss, then you will have an EDUCATED coyote and he'll be tougher to call in.

    Good luck,


    PS< another wibsite, www.predatormasters.com

    Great group of guys over there as well.

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