How long to boil deer ribs?


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    How long to boil deer ribs?

    I just killed a 140lb doe this past Saturday, and I want to barbque these nice sized ribs. Everyone is telling me to boil them first, but I have not asked them for specifics.

    Can someone tell me approximately how long to boil these and what signs to look for when they are about done? Also, what should I put in the water? (Salt, Pepper, Crab Boil, etc.)

    Thanks to all on this site!!!

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    Never herd of eating deer ribs, I salvage what I can for sausage, but I'm interested to hear how they turn out.

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    Yes, please tell us how it went.

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    I have had deer ribs both ways, just BBQ on the grill and boiled then put on the grill. To me, boiling them more than anything, helps remove some of the tallow from the meat. Venison fat doesn't cook off like pork fat does, so boiling helps this, if not it has a tendancy to leave a greasy film in your mouth. I would say boil them for about 30 minutes with some salt an pepper, then slap them on the grill, with your favorite sause and enjoy.


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    Alright, cooked these babies last night. Boiled them for about 2 hours, no kidding. I was told to boil them until they got tender enough to puncture with a fork pretty easily. I was bar-b-queing some backstrap wrapped in bacon with philly cream cheese and jalapeno peppers (AWESOME), so the time was not an issue. I seasoned the water with salt, pepper and Tony Chachere's seasoning (a cajun mix down here). This was an old doe, so the meat was pretty tough, I left the ribs in ice water from Sunday to Wednesday. I was letting them boil while I was cooking outside. I had it on a burner outside in a pot about 18in high and 12in in diameter. I did one side of ribs cut in half length and width wise.
    After I boiled them for the two hours, I brought them inside and drenched them in "Sweet Baby Ray's" bar-b-que sauce. Put them on the grill for about 35 min and then ate. They were really good. Just a little gamy, but I think that could be changed by seasoning up the water a little more.
    Not quite baby backs, but a nice change and with a little tweeking to the method, I think it will be even better treat. I ate one section before going to bed and will test some on my father in law tonight.

    Good luck and good eating!!!

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    Sounds like it's worth trying, I'll have to let you know what I think of mine. Thanks

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    Thanks.. i will try this soon..

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    Boiling Venison Ribs

    try 30 minutes in Apple juice to cover,1tsp mustard(dry), few pepper corns, 1 tbs salt. The BBQ

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    Another alternative

    First of all split the side in half, then boil them , after they have been boiled, dip in butter milk.. flour and fry them ... this is my grandmothers method of cooking deer ribs..... excellent.

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    Apple Juice..........I have had brats boiled in apple juice....they are i am going to have to try deer ribs in apple juice! Thnx for the tip!
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    Deer Ribs

    The best thing you can do with the ribs is to cook slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! also rub spices on meat before you grill or smoke.The last 15 min add BBQ sauce till they have that nice glaze then enjoy!

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