A.I.M./Internature: TD Hunter recurve cheap


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    Arrow Excellent deal on a 45" takedown recurve

    This bow is 58"and 45#. It is an Internature TD Hunter in Right hand. Brand new string(white), and the bow is also pretty much brand new. It was a blemished bow from the distributor, but the blemish is a small spot of the handle the size of a jellybean. There are a few oher minor scrathes but are not very easy to find.
    It is made from multi laminated woods and stained in natural Honey Brown. The Limbs are black, but they show the wood laminates on the sides for a nice touch.
    It has all the brass bushings in it, including one for the stabilizer, rest,sight, and limb bolts.
    Bow normally sells for about 225-250.00, but I will sell it for 140.00 plus shipping. I can ship for 8.00 in the US by Priority mail service, since it is a Takedown bow.
    It would be no problem to get it to you n time for X-mas.
    Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
    Thank you for your intrest in Gravel Ridge Archery,
    I can be reached at : (989)352-1000, or toll free at 1(877) 9ARROWS =1-(877) 927-7697

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    Arrow A.I.M./Internature: TD Hunter recurve cheap

    This bow is a blemished bow from the manufacturer, so I got it for a customer cheap. It did not fit him well, so I now have it up for sale very cheap to try to re-coup some of the loss.
    It is a multi-woods laminated Bow, stained in Honey Brown, which sells for well over 200.00 here. and I will take 50% off from that. (98.00). The bow didn't come with a string so I have one custom made that I built here in white TS-1 plus. It goes with the bow of coarse.
    The Blemish is a spot on the handle the size of a jellybean. (as you will see in the pics below.
    It is a 45#, 58" long bow. The bow has never been shot but a couple times.
    Limbs can be purchsed later for this bow fom 40# to 60# The lmbs on it are 45#
    This is an excellent bow for a first time hunter or just for the person that wants to play with a recurve to see how they like it.
    Any questions, please contact me at:
    gravelridgearchery@hotmail.com, or at
    (989)352-1000, and toll free at 1)877(9ARROWS)
    Have a great holiday season,
    Gravel Ridge Archery

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    I can't see any pics?

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