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Thread: When do deer shed their antlers?

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    When do deer shed their antlers?

    Hello all,

    Trying to pinpoint the time that deer generally shed their antlers. Late December to early January? I'm in West Virginia. Trying to get a large 8 and 10 that have been hanging around near my stand all season (of course they have been hanging around about 80 to 100 yards from me ), but I need to find them before their racks fall off LOL.

    Any help would be wonderful!

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    Some folks have found some sheds already but in my area most generally shed in late Feb/early March. I always seem to find the majority of my sheds sometime in mid to late March.
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    Buck have already started shedding bone here in NY. Couple of sheds been found and a couple of antler-less bucks been killed.

    Word of advice if you guys are still out there and you do end up shooting a decent buck be careful while handling the antlers. I know of more than one hunter that has shot a buck in the late season and attempted to drag the deer out by the antler to have it come right off.

    I also know of several incidences of guys shooting what they thought were big ol does just to find out they were decent bucks that already lost there head gear.


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    Here in my neck of the woods the majority of deer lose their headgear in Feb and March.A few lose it earlier and a few later, but I find most of my sheds in late march and early April.

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    Well, I am already done for doe season (We are only allowed one this year in the particular county that I am currently hunting...WVDNR is wonderful..NOT ) But that is for another thread.

    I just was just worried that if I did get a shot on them in the next week and a half, that their antlers would not fall off when dragging etc. If they do fall off while dragging, can the taxi put them back on, and would it look right? These two deer are P&Y quality, but I practice QDM and would not want to take a good whitetail and have it ruined..Would rather let it go until next year.

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    I don't start looking until the middle of March. Antlers will drop anywhere between January 15th and April 1st the majority will have dropped by April 1st. If you start looking too early and the deer are yarded up in the area, you stand the chance of changing their movement or pushing them to another area. This of course is in the Midwest area, not sure how or when things take place in your neck of the woods. Good luck

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