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    There are three stated without a state income tax, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. I lived in Tennessee west of Nashville and the deer and turkey are thick with very liberal hunting laws. As a land owner I was allowed to take 28 deer by hunting the various seasons. Good fishing too. Land is very cheap as lots of people are moving there, so construction is happening. The weather is nice, you can work out side all year.
    28 deer??? That's all changed. It's now 3 doe per day and 2 bucks per year = 332 deer total; plus 4 more days of youth hunts, if applicable.

    edit: 4 gobblers in the spring

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    Any place is better than ny

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    Stay out of Illinois!!!! Deer hunting is good. Jobs are fair. Taxes are high and we are in debt.....poor government!

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    South/Central PA is a nice place to live. I lived there for 4 years, you are close to metropolitan areas, but still have plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.

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