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    Quote Originally Posted by pottergreg View Post
    There are three stated without a state income tax, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. I lived in Tennessee west of Nashville and the deer and turkey are thick with very liberal hunting laws. As a land owner I was allowed to take 28 deer by hunting the various seasons. Good fishing too. Land is very cheap as lots of people are moving there, so construction is happening. The weather is nice, you can work out side all year.
    28 deer??? That's all changed. It's now 3 doe per day and 2 bucks per year = 332 deer total; plus 4 more days of youth hunts, if applicable.

    edit: 4 gobblers in the spring

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    Any place is better than ny

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    Stay out of Illinois!!!! Deer hunting is good. Jobs are fair. Taxes are high and we are in debt.....poor government!

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    South/Central PA is a nice place to live. I lived there for 4 years, you are close to metropolitan areas, but still have plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.

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    New Mexico or Colorado would be my vote some of the best elk and mule deer hunting not much white tail but are some areas with them, lots of bear lion and some exotics in New Mexico Colorado has moose as well. land in New Mexico and Colorado is pretty cheap and both are growing like weeds...can't beat the weather in New Mexico not as hot as AZ and not as Cold as CO kinda the perfect spot in between

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    I hear you--I grew up on LI in Dix Hills. I watched them finish the LIE. It was pretty rural, I rode horses for hours on trails in suffolk. I was working at Belmont for 25 yrs when I had my son, and was waiting for an excuse to leave, with employment. I ended up upstate, in Saratoga on a farm.--Beautiful, but long , cold winters, crazy liberal laws, my son is older now, taxes are more than my mortgage, and area is rapidly growing. Good news is housing market is going through the roof. I am looking at retirement off the sale of my farm here--Bought 5 acres near Ocala FL to run to when it gets cold, (Great riding/hunting/fishing there!), --But I want to hunt /fish Montana/Iowa/Western KY/ Ill, kansas, w a travel trailer and no itinerary. I am just looking for where I will be safe--Right now I am not "involved" with anyone so I have to pick my spots. I have friends where I can "squat", (and get a tag?). And I hope to start there. Im getting where if I dont do it soon, it wont be a bowhunt in a few years--Im in a different situation, but totally get your drift--I take horses to Belmont even now, and cant wait to leave. I have relatives out on LI, I cant believe what that has turned into--
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    Quote Originally Posted by joepa2k3 View Post
    South/Central PA is a nice place to live. I lived there for 4 years, you are close to metropolitan areas, but still have plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.
    This. Perry/Juniata/ Mifflin still has cheap land. State College, Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster are all within commuting distance. There should be plenty of construction jobs too. Deer, turkey, and black bear hunting is excellent in PA. Also have some decent trout streams and the Susquehanna River can't be beat for smallies if you enjoy fishing.
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    My vote would go for Wyoming. They have virtually every big game and small game animal available. Super cheap cost of living. People are the nicest of anywhere I've been.

    My second vote would go for either Kansas, or Iowa. These are self explanatory if your a whitetail hunter.

    I would never move to a state where your not allowed to hunt on Sunday like Pennsylvania. I could not live with that even a little bit.
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