209 primers on a Hawken?


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    209 primers on a Hawken?

    I've got a .54 Hawken, but I'm not a big fan of #11 percussion caps. Anyone ever change to a 209? Is it just a matter of changing the nipple or does the breech end have to be bored out and rethreaded?

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    I had an adapter called an accushot I believe that took a small rifle primer and screwed into the existing hole on a sidelock. It was a two piece gadet. Only problem was that since you need a firing pin to set off a primer you had to put the primer in and then screw a cap with a floating pin on over the primer. After the shot you had to unscrew the cap, pick out the primer that was always stuck and then reload and screw the cap back on. Did go bang every time, though.

    Before that, I would buy a musket nipple and use musket caps. Many many times more flame than a #11 but just as easy or easier to use.

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    i use a musket primer its a lot hotter
    than #11 and all u do is change nipple

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten is afriend View Post
    i use a musket primer its a lot hotter
    than #11 and all u do is change nipple

    That's what I was gonna say.

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