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Thread: What are you shooting?

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    Sep 2005
    South Carolina

    What are you shooting?

    I shoot a PSE Ipala and a Bear Black Bear. Both 3 under with a tab. 2117's and woodies for the Bear and woodies for the Impala. No sights on either bow right now, maybe later though.

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    Hocking Hills, Ohio
    shoot a Bear Barsalino T/D compound set on 60#, one of my favorite bows. I just sold a good finger bows an apex, never shot it with fingers very much however. I have a Protec with 2000 limbs that is too short in my opinion for a good finger bow, am trying to deal on a protec with 3000 limbs that should be the ticket for a fast shooting and smooth finger shooting bow....
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    Las Vegas
    i shoot a hoyt aerotec, around 52lbs with a cavalier tab. I shoot one over , 2 under.
    MK Korea Vera Limbs, MKX 10 risers (Blue and Gold), Beiter plunger/clicker, AAE Elite Tab, Sureloc Quest X, X10 arrows, Fuse Stabs, Eli Vanes, Pelican case, SKB case, Angel quiver, Easton Nocks,
    MK Korea Archery contract shooter, Pacific Archery Sales Staff Shooter, USAA Level 2 Coach, 2016 Rio Olympic hopeful,

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    See the signature.

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    06 PSE MOJO hybrid,goldtip big games.Great shooter best finger bow Ive had yet.

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    Mathews conquest 2. Three under.
    Come to the Dark side...we have cookies.

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    Albuquerque, NM
    Mathews Rival Pro and Bowtech Constitution. Tab, 65/75 Terminator selects with 125gr tip and 4" Duravanes with NAP Plunger rests.
    Finger Shooter-Mathews Conquest 3, Hoyt Ultratec, Mathews Rival Pro, Mathews Apex with a NAP Flipper and finger tab.
    Bows owned: Hoyt Ram, Mathews Feathermax, Hoyt Aspen, Martin Cougar, PSE XLR9000, Oneida, PSE Dakota, Reflex Caribou solid and split, Bowtech Constitution (should have kept).

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    Angry what I shoot

    L/H Reflex highlander 45# @ 26.5", split fingers w/glove, Pure instinctive for 45+ years (though I have tried about every type/style of shooting) Had to drop # due to stroke 3 years ago. Favorite bow was a "94" hoyt defiant 40" A to A

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    Jan 2007
    Kearney NE

    ProEdgeElite, Vector35, Carbon Matrix, Katera XL,Vectrix XL, Aspen Cmd Cam,Bear Whitetail Pinnacle (just for fun)
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    Philadelphia, Pa

    My setup

    Bowtech Declaration 4, 30.5" draw, 70#
    Tab two fingers under
    Trophy Ridge Drop Zone Freestyle Rest
    Carbon Express Maxima 350 Arrows
    3d Mafia Consigliere
    I am not defined by my equipment (nor do I care for free advertisements) so why would I include them in my signature.
    Bow, Arrow, Rest, String, Stabilizer, Peep, Release, Sight, Broadhead Information Available Upon Request.

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    Reflex Grizzly

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    In my sig
    A man's got to know his limitations!

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    Albuquerque, NM

    What are you shooting

    Martin Scepter4
    Bob Borges
    NFAA Southwest Sectional Councilman
    Pro Staff for Black Eagle Arrows and Rock Solid Stabilizers
    Gator Vanes
    Air Force Veteran

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    Bear Silverback 44" ATA 29" 63# ,split finger, NAP Center Rest Flipper, 6075Carbon Express Rebel arrows, 125gr. NAP Shockwave BH's

    I'm also setting up my first trad bow.
    1966 Bear Cub 62" 48#@28"

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    Jan 2005
    North-Central Texs
    Mathews Apex......59 lbs.....30.5" draw
    Barnsdale Classic..71 lbs.....30.5" draw

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    Oct 2002
    Azle, TX.
    2002 Martin Cougar Elite
    26" Draw
    00 65% Fury Cams
    May all of your arrows find the BULL'S EYE--MSMFSL
    NRA Life Member / TSRA Life Member / NFAA Member
    Scepter IV Elite w/Fury Cams 65% / 26" AMO Draw
    Golden Key Superstar Rest / Doinker Fatty 33"
    Toxonics 3515 Sight / CR Apex Scope 6X Specialty Lens

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    Hoyt ProTec LX, Command cams, 65% L.O., Cavalier Free Flyte rest + lock plunger.

    47#, 30" draw, arrows are 31", spine 340, 100g points + inserts.
    Unbelievable! every time I shoot, the X moves!

    Martin Scepter V - The new kid in the block
    Rytera BulletX Nitrous
    Hoyt ProTec LX - Proudly resting in my office wall!

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    Dec 2005
    northernmost province of SA
    APA Anaconda, 2 under, 29" draw, NAP cushion plunger, Carbon Express 400 3D select, German kinetics / Slick Tricks 125 grain

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    Black Widow 54@30
    Black Widow lag 52@30
    waiting for a CSS Contender 41ata will be set 56@28
    I only use for practice and hunting

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    Apr 2004
    East Tennessee
    Ultra-Tec 3000 limbs Command Cam Plus 69lbs@28.5.....Gamemaster 55lb
    Start slow and taper off!

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    Sep 2002
    West Bloomfield, MI
    Bernardini Cobra riser, 39# Samick Masters long limbs, Spigarelli rest, Cartel plunger, 3 under string walker.

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    MY bow

    Mathews outback............. 60 lbs draw weight, goldtips 55/75, 27 inch draw, muzzy's 125 3 blade; one fine killin' machine.

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    Mathews Ovation ,Mathews Apex, Mathews Q2XL and Bowtech Pro 40

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    Chuck Adams!

    I was wondering if anyone knows what bow Chuck Adams is currently using?

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    North-Central Texs
    Quote Originally Posted by holt51 View Post
    I was wondering if anyone knows what bow Chuck Adams is currently using?
    Last I heard, he was still shooting his Reflex Caribou.....

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