Shooting left handed with a right handed bow


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    Shooting left handed with a right handed bow

    I was at the indoor range at the shop the other day and i saw a kid shoot his buddies right handed bow LEFT HANDED! I dont know why he didnt have his bow there, but this was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. His bow arm (right) was on the outside of the bow and he was lookin through the peep with his left eye. Has anyone ever seen this done before? He was hitting targets, but it just looked really messed up.

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    we had a guy come into the shop

    He is a shooting a Diamond...think it was the stinger....right handed bow....doing it left handed...said he shoots it better than any right handed bow he has had
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    If you are left eye dominant, it might work well. My bows are Hoyt Pro Elites. The riser style prevents me from holding it comfortably in my right hand, otherwise I would have probably played around with it. I am left eye dominant and shoot right handed while squinting my left eye. I don't think that causes me enough concern to buy left handed equipment.

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    well i could work. now with a hoyt that would be something to see

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    I have heard some people say that can shoot just as well with the opposite handed bow. I tried it onced without a sight and it felt ok

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    It depends on the bow and the person

    I shoot the same bow both left and right-handed all the time. In fact, I go into the woods with releases on both hands and have repeatedly shot with the 'wrong' hand very successfully.

    The exception would be the Hoyt 'Tec' risers.

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